Dream Shopping List with Hilton Rewards

I love to travel.  Back when I was a consultant, I was on the road four to five days a week, and I loved it.

One of the best perks about my job was the travel points I built up and creating wishlists of what I wanted to do with those points. I still have a whole lot of Hilton HHonors reward points, as I make sure to stay active with the HHonors program, and I think it’s time for another wish list.

One of the things I love is that so many rewards points allow you to use them for redemptions beyond just travel.  With children, my time is no longer my own, so I can no longer travel when and where I want, so choosing other rewards works better for me.

The fact that there are reward options that range from 10,000-15,000 points to those in the hundreds of thousands of points. What would you choose with your reward points?

With small children, the first and easiest reward to drool over is the Disney Park ticket options. The wee ones love Disney, and we’ve been several times.  I would love to use some of my Hilton HHonors points for a 3 day Disney Park Hopper ticket for ages 10+ for 115,000 points.  The child ticket is 110,000 points.

Or I could really go all out with the Walt Disney World 7 Day Magic Your Way Ticket with Park Hopper and Water Park Fun and More Options for 297,500 for the adult ticket or 287,500 for the child ticket.  You know I’d win mom of the year votes in my house if I told them this is how I was spending my HHonors points!

You may be surprised to learn but we don’t own a portable DVD player. We don’t have DVD players in our cars, and when we travel, we don’t have a way to watch movies.  While this isn’t something that we need, it would be nice to have every once in awhile. The Audiovox 9″ portable DVD player is only 93,000 points. With two children, I love that right now you get a bonus set of JVC Gummy Earphones.

On the home front, I will be the first to admit that I’m not an everyday coffee drinker. Shh, don’t tell anyone but we don’t own a coffee pot. We have some Italian coffee thing where you boil it on the stove that my husband uses but if I want coffee, I have to go out. If my friends want coffee? Sorry, they’re out of luck! I could use just 94,000 Hilton HHonors points to “purchase” a Keurig brewer with 34 K-cups and right now, it even comes with a mail in rebate of up to $50. This may move up to number one on my wish list!

If I didn’t already have one, the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer would be near the top. It’s so easy when I’m baking to have a stand mixer to get everything done quickly and easily. Trust me, having made cupcakes and frosting for my son yesterday and needing to make a cake and frosting today, it’s still tempting to get another one. At 199,000 points, I’m all over it!  Right now, the KitchenAid also has a bonus – you also get a 5 quart glass bowl or food grinder attachment with a mail in rebate. Sweet! Literally.

For only 12,000 HHonors points, I am seriously thinking about getting the Petal Photo Display.  As Little Miss is getting a little older, she’s starting to get photos of times she spends with her friends. We haven’t yet figured out a good way to display them, but I love how this keeps up to 15 photos safe while displaying them in a really cute way. Not everything on my wish list has to cost a ton of points!

If this is a real wish list, I will have to choose something completely selfish, too? I adore the Dooney & Bourke Florentine Satchel. This bag is gorgeous and comes in three different colors. I’m a sucker for natural colored leather so I’m choosing that one for sure. You know I would rock this bag!

And my “over the top, no way do I have enough points but oh how I wish I did” item?  That would be the California Cooking and Wine Tour Experience.  For only 1,437,500 points, I could have four days and three nights of luxury in Napa or Sonoma Valley with breakfast each day and more.  In addition to the personalized 5 hour winery tour, the package also includes a private gourmet cooking class – both chauffeured in a luxury sedan.  Now that’s living!

What would be on your wish list?

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