The Lingering Pain of a Miscarriage

I was due in June. After having my son Jackson in flu season, I was thrilled about my summer baby plans. “And if it is a girl, I can use all Julia’s summer clothes…” I couldn’t wait.

But as excited as I was, Jackson was even more excited. Since he was two years old, he had been begging for a sibling. And while his baby cousin Julia was filling the role of sibling for him, he wanted “his own baby.” I knew telling him before 12 weeks was risky, but I was so ill during those first months that I felt I had to explain to him what was wrong with mommy. His face lit up with the news and we all set out for the long wait…

At ten weeks, I went for an ultrasound to find out my exact due date. Laying on the ultrasound table I happily chatted away with the technician, not suspecting anything to be wrong with my pregnancy. After twenty minutes of her studying the monitor, I asked “So is my baby alive in there – when are you going to show me the heart beat?”

I said it so casually. I was afraid, but somehow sure that everything was, of course, okay.

“I am so sorry…” she began, “But your baby died about two days ago…”

I burst into tears. “What am I going to tell my son?” I cried. Guilt for telling him so soon crashed down on me. As I cried, half naked on the table with that ridiculous internal ultrasound thing still inside me waiting for the radiologist to come in and confirm it all, the terrible reality that I had really lost my baby began to set in. After I finally could dress and regain a bit of dignity, they left me alone to call my husband. Then I sat in that little room and just cried and cried.

One of the worst experiences of my life was explaining to Jackson that we weren’t going to be having a baby in June. He looked at me confused and said, “No Mommy – we are having a baby. I saw him.” After a few more assurances that no, there was no longer a baby growing in my belly, he seemed to accept it. In the weeks to follow, he would sometimes ask me when we were going to have a new baby. I told him I didn’t know and we would go on with our day. I think he thought about it often.

At first, I was in survival mode, focusing on healing and moving forward. I had to wait for two weeks for the baby to miscarry, and then I had to wait through two more months of bleeding before I finally had a D&C in January.

Now six months later, I am just beginning to have a cycle. I had imagined I would be pregnant again by now, busy planning for another baby. But instead June approaches and I am constantly reminded of the baby I will never meet. With spring seems to come the baby season. Everywhere I go I see bundles of new babies and I can’t help to feel an envious stab of pain.

I thought that the grief would ease over time. Instead I think it has grown. At first people would say to me that they were amazed at how well I was dealing with my miscarriage. I answered back confidently that this was part of being a woman and building a family. “So many women have miscarriages – and many never get to have a child of their own. I have my son. I am just grateful for what I have.”

And I am grateful, but as my “due date” approaches I realize that this will be a loss I will always carry with me. It is a different pain then if I had lost a child I had held, hugged and known. But it still is a real and significant loss.

This June will hurt. When I see a brand new baby, I will turn away quickly and try to hide my tears. I won’t be able to forget that June was supposed to be our month.

Perhaps by next June I will have another baby. Maybe that will dull the pain, and yet maybe not. Just as having my sweet son comforts me and I am so grateful for the gift of him, it doesn’t erase the agony of losing that other little member of our family.


  1. says

    Oh, Janice!!! I’m so sorry for your pain, friend. I know how you feel, and nothing anyone can say or do will take the pain away.

    Just remember that our loving father waits patiently as we cry, and when we’re done, he tenderly wipes the tears away from our face, and lovingly wraps us in his strong arms and reminds us that He is there and He loves us. Then, he sits patiently, waiting to do it all over again the next time we cry. While the pain never fully goes away, it will dull in time.

    Prayers, hugs and kisses to you!

  2. says

    Thank you ladies!!
    I know it is a common pain so many of us women share. Isn’t it wonderful that God understands and cares for us. Won’t heaven be great?!?

  3. says

    Hi Janice, I feel your pain too. I’m going through my own pain one year ago this week. I know nothing said will take away the heartache but remember God has a plan for you and your family. Lifting you up! T-Lo

  4. says

    Hey, I am so sorry for what you’ve been through. Yes, this IS something we can share about. I’ve been there, too, several times. Once almost exactly as you had described. It did make it easier, no, not easier but a little better, to share with others, too.

    I really felt your heartache and pain reading this post and am saying a little prayer for you now.

  5. mommy of two miracles says

    Thank you for your feelings and sharing. We just had a miscarriage on Saturday, we were 8 weeks pregnant when the heart stopped. It took two weeks to deliver. It was hard to explain to my 3.5 year old what happened, I like you told since I was sick. We were due June 28th, I just can’t seem to heal emotionally as fast as my friends and family would like. I feel very lost in all this. Thank you for your story, it is nice to know that i am not alone in my sadness.

  6. emma says

    m so sorri 4 ur loss. i know how u r feeling it is the hardest thing ever. i live each day being reminded of my little one i lost and so longed to have him r her in my arms. i have went through the stages of blaming myself. my partner n i decided to try to conceive straight away and sadly nothing ever come of it. now its coming up to the date i lost my baby im dreading it. the memories of losing something i wanted so badly. me n my partner also spilt up 5mths later n it really has torn me apart. hope things work out 4 u hun xxxx


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