Get Peace of Mind as a Parent with the NQ Guardian App

Have you heard about the NQ Family Guardian app?

Think mobile security for your children. The NQ Family Guardian is a parental control app for smartphones, that helps parents protect their children. The app provides an online portal to monitor a child’s location. Parents can even manage how their children are able to use their devices.

I am loving the parental control aspect of this app! It even has a Browser Blocker – so you can safeguard your children by blocking inappropriate websites.

Some other pretty cool features?

Contact Filter – Block calls or messages from unwanted contacts. As a parent, you can help your kids fight spam texts and harassing calls by adding numbers to their block lists.

Geo-Fences – Set up a safe zone for your children and get notified when they’re outside of this safe zone. No more Hey Mom I’m at the library studying … when they are really somewhere else! You can get check-in messages when your children arrive at their destinations and you are even able to track their location if they forget to check in.

My absolute favorite feature is the Panic Alarm – If you kids are in trouble, they can send an alert message to your phone with their exact location.

When you install NQ Family Guardian on your child’s smartphone, you are ensuring your child’s safety while letting them enjoy a safe digital experience.  When my kids get a little bigger and have their own smartphones, this will be the first app I install!

You can follow up with NQ Family Guardian on Facebook, Twitter and their blog as well. When you download the NQ Family Guardian, you get a 1 month FREE trial right now!

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