Pledge to Always Smile

I am one who tries my hardest to always smile. I believe that smiling at someone can help brighten their day, because you never know what that person is going through.

My daughter's lovely smile that brightens my day

My daughter is learning to follow in mom’s footsteps. She loves to smile — and take photos of herself smiling (hence the Canon name backwards). She has a beautiful smile and I tell her everyday to make sure to use it as often as she can!

Pledge to Smile!

This month is National Orthodontic Health month and Ormco is spreading awareness of the value of a healthy, beautiful smile by inviting everyone to take the pledge to “Always Smile.”

For every pledge received, Ormco, the company that manufactures the Damon System, will donate one dollar to the Smile for a Lifetime Foundation (S4L), a nonprofit organization that provides orthodontic care and free braces to children with financial challenges and orthodontic needs.

If you want to take the pledge, just visit By pledging, you can help a child receive a beautiful smile of a lifetime!

“Stay tuned for more exciting news about the Damon System, as I’ll soon be sharing details about a partnership I have with the company!”

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