Ladies, this trick for weaning totally worked!!!

by Susan

I am in shock!

This magic weaning trick worked when I weaned Julia at 25 months, but I didn’t think it would work for Sophia at 20 months.

I thought Sophia was just a little too young and I kinda thought it must have been a rare fluke when it worked for Julia.

But no. Shocking success.

What is the trick?

The power of the BAND-AID!!!

Let me explain…

To a child, the power of a Band-Aid is indisputable.

When it came time for Sophia to nurse, I covered my nipples with Band-Aids. I then went to her with a bottle and showed her my Band-Aids. I said, “Mommy has owies. There’s no more milk left. See? They’re broken. No more nursie. Owies.” And I showed her the bottle. “See. The milk is in here now.”

She looked at the Band-Aids, looked at me, looked at the bottle, took a small sip from the bottle and then leaned in for a big snuggle. She immediately stopped signing to nurse, stopped crying and just snuggled. We sat there snuggling and she had a couple sips of the bottle (which I had filled with chocolate milk to be extra enticing.)

After a while, we got up and she held my hand and we walked around the playground and watched the bigger kids play. She held my hand tightly and wouldn’t let me go. But she didn’t ask to nurse again — until bedtime.

I thought surely bedtime will be a disaster.

But I made sure she ate a big dinner and had lots of milk and was just a little past her regular bedtime. While big sister Julia stayed downstairs to watch some extra TV with her Daddy, I took Sophia to bed.

We lay down on the bed as we usually do and she signed to nurse. Again I showed her the Band-Aids and said that Mommy had owies and she couldn’t nurse. Instead I put her soother in her mouth and I lay on my back, she lay on my chest and we rocked back and forth as I sang to her. Within about three lullabies she was sound asleep.

I stayed with her and she slept ALL night — without waking to nurse!!! I couldn’t believe it. She always wakes to nurse once or twice in the night.

She slept until 6 am and we quickly got up. She signed to nurse, but again I showed her the Band-Aids and she accepted the explanation without a single fuss. I gave her a yogurt drink as a consolation prize and I took her out to ride her little push bike.

No tears. None. The hardest part of this weaning process — besides my emotional trauma — is the lumps of milk stuck in my breasts.

I never thought Band-Aids would be such miracle makers. The Band-Aid trick did work for Julia, but reading this old post of mine reminded me that Julia still cried and had a hard time falling asleep without nursing. But Sophia seems to be having an even easier transition.

I am so thankful that my precious Sophia is not suffering during this weaning process. Nursing her has been such a blessing and I am so thankful that it is coming to an end so peacefully.

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