5 Super Foods You Should Eat

5 Super Foods

How many “superfoods” do you eat?

There are some foods that super-healthy, thus the name “super foods”! You may have heard that berries have antioxidents that fight cancer or that salmon is good for your heart.

Yes it’s true – certain fruits, vegetables and other foods are very good for you – and not just for nutrition, but for health benefits beyond vitamins.  These superfoods help to prevent diseases and strengthen our immune systems.

Here are five super foods you should eat:


Black, red and especially blueberries are full of antioxidants which protect cells from damage that can lead to premature aging and cancer. Blueberries are low in calories but high vitamin content, fiber and those important antioxidants. In fact, blueberries have almost 40% more antioxidants than you’ll get from red wine.


Salmon should be on your list because of the large amounts of essential omega-3 fatty acids, which the body doesn’t produce itself. Wild Pacific Northwest Salmon is your best option. Salmon can help improve cardiovascular function, prevent cancer, help fight high blood pressure and even help brain function.

Dark Greens

The darker the vegetable, the better! Spinach, kale, Swiss chard and other dark-colored greens are a great source of vitamins, minerals and valuable plant compounds that fight disease. Greens are the most nutrient dense food you can eat, containing more nutrition per calorie than any other food. Eating dark leafy greens regularly can significantly reduce your risk of many diseases including heart disease and cancer.


You may think quinoa is a grain but it’s actually a seed. These flat oval seeds are labeled a “super grain” but they’re really a complete protein and are gluten-free. You can cook and eat quinoa just as you would rice. Quinoa contains all the essential amino acids (the amino acids your body can’t make), is low in fat and rich in fiber, contains iron, B vitamins, calcium, potassium and magnesium.


Among all the nuts, walnuts are loaded with more omega-3 fatty acids. Rich in fiber, walnuts also contain B vitamins, magnesium and antixodants. Also, walnuts are one of the best plant sources for protein.

These five foods are super-healthy “superfoods” and incorporating them into your diet is easy and smart!


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    Our family loves Quinoa. I have a picky eater, but this is one thing he will eat. At least I know he is getting a lot of good nutrients!

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    This is a good list. I’ve never actually had quinoa so that’s one I’m definitely going to look out for in the future.

    I never have any problem eating lots of fish and omega 3 foods though :)

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