How Do You Taste Your Food?

“Don’t just hork it down! Geez — chew it slowly.” ~ Remi from Ratatouille

I laugh hysterically every time I watch that movie, because Remi is a rat after my own heart! Honestly, I am a horker.

I hardly ever take the time to taste what I am eating (hmmm — that could be why I am having to work so hard at losing weight right now.) However, it is a proven fact that if you eat with your senses before you actually eat, then your brain will think you are full and you will indeed eat less.

I recently tried this out just to see if it is true — that what we smell makes a difference in how we eat. I am proud to say that I found out that taking the time to indulge in my senses allowed me the chance to eat foods that I really wanted to eat versus, just eating because it was set before me.

So how else do our senses help us taste food?

Kashi recently set out to inspire health food cravings by talking taste with people whose lives have been shaped by it. In the second episode of their video series, they were able to catch up with author and taste guru Barb Stuckey, who has taste down to a “science.”


Which sense do you think would benefit your tastebuds?

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