Tackle It Tuesday – How to Make a Good Pie Crust

by Jennifer Banks

I have never been able to make a pie crust.  Though I’ve tried and tried and tried, it always came out too dark, to stiff, too…well..yuck.  So after years and years of trying on my own, last week I enlisted the help of my fabulous mother, and had her come over and teach me step by step how to properly make a pie crust.

It took hours.

Not because a pie crust takes hours to make.  But because I took hours of prep to get it right.

Though I wont bother to share the recipe itself, they are pretty much all the same – and I’m sure you all have your favourite!  But I will share the tips that I learned from my pie makin’ mama.

1.  Make sure your shortening/butter is cold. Cube it, and re-refrigerate it again.

2.  Make sure that the water is ICE COLD – put ice cubes in your water to keep it that way.

3.  Add your water a teaspoon at a time, as to not make it too wet.

4.  Keeping everything very cold is the KEY TO A FLAKY PIE CRUST.

With my mom’s fantastic expert advice and tips, I was able to tackle my first ever, beautiful, delicious Apple Pie.

It was sooo yummy, I can’t wait to make another!

Those little pies are made in small ramekins.  We had a bit of crust left over…if you make the little ones, omit crust on the bottom.  Just the top is all you need!

Now, I just need to attempt the pie crust without my Mother’s expert eye watching over me.

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