Fashion Meets Tech with Jill e Designs Bags

I am on the go quite a bit going to conferences or just traveling in general. My laptop is always an essential part of my luggage. As a blogger and a work at home business mom, it has to be part of what travels with me regardless of where I go or what I’m doing.

I’m really glad that there are products out there like Jill e Designs and their fabulous bags that are not only technology efficient, but also fashionable.

Their style of bags is great for that mom who is on the go taking photography shots, or for the mom blogger who is hitting up every conference on the east coast. We want to look fashionable while still doing our jobs, right?

The functionality of the beautiful plaid laptop satchels are amazing! One thing I hate more than anything is having to carry my purse, my laptop case, my cell phone case, and then my bag of goodies from conferences. With the laptop satchel, it is built to hold all of that in one bag!

Bags in the E-GO Collection offer the function and protection that you expect from Jill-e Designs, but are also designed to make a fashion statement about your personal style.  The E-GO bags have padded compartments to organize all of your “tech-cessories” and room for your daily essentials, too.

Another thing that I love about Jill e Designs, is that there is a one year warranty on any product you purchase from them. If you have issues with your bag (besides the normal wear and tear which is not covered), then Jill e Designs will replace it for you.


If you are a tech mom on the go who wants to look fashionable in this electronic age, check out Jill e Designs and all their designs that they have available.

Jill e Designs are available in several different styles and colors for all your technical needs, but with a flavor of fashion and flare! Be sure and check them out on:

I received a Jill e Designs laptop satchel in order to write my review. All opinions listed are my own.


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