Tail Towns Friends by Ganz Facebook Game Review

If you know anything about Ganz, the makers of Webkinz, you know that they keep children entertained for hours. They have accomplished that again with their Tail Towns Friends Facebook game. Filled with adorable country animal characters and free to play, your teen will complete fun tasks to gain acorns which are points. Along the way they’ll be building their very own country hideaway including a decorated home and a lush landscape.

To enjoy the game even more, invite friends to play along. Help them out by giving them free gifts and helping them complete their tasks. When you visit their homesteads you gain acorns too, so be friendly and stay awhile! Listen to the characters talk and watch them play act. It’s too cute for words! But, don’t forget the story lines because you’ll be needing that information to get ahead in Tail Towns Friends.

As your teenager grows her very own garden by purchasing supplies like seeds and storage sheds, she will enter into business with the folks who live in the community called Greenwood City. Keep in mind that buying fruit, vegetables and and decorations costs acorns so don’t shop til you drop. Always check your balance before you buy. Even cleaning your property, like clearing away dead trees and grass costs energy, but earns you acorns. It’s a bit of a balancing act. The more you help your friends out and the more tasks you finish, the better you’ll do in this game.

The game is really nice to look at. It has a cartoon-like feel, but with realistic touches. It’s exciting to design your homestead to look the way you like and to get more property to add on. Your teen will feel like a homeowner with the pride that comes along with it and the work to maintain it. Seeing apples, strawberries, cucumbers grow and being able to sell them is one of the results of your work and kindness to others.

Buy a Tail Towns Friends collectible figurine and register it online. Your teen will learn about the character’s story line and goals. Plus she’ll receive an exclusive virtual item. (Think Webkinz, but on Facebook.) So what are you waiting for? Tell your teenager about Tail Towns Friends and let her get started playing!

*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed belong to the author.


  1. Linda says

    Just wanted to let you know, the game was actually made for adults and older teens. There were so many parents and grandparents playing WW Ganz decided to create something specificaly for them. I noticed you failed to mention this in your blog and it sounded as if it was only for older kids. There are hardly any teens playing the game it is almost entirely made up of adult players.

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