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The ability to connect, to work, to play — even when you are miles away from home — it can change your life.

I am sitting at my kitchen table, typing this post on my laptop, which is connected to my wireless network. My feet are resting on the chair across from me, my sliding glass door is open and I am listening to birds singing and kids playing. I am home.

My kids are nearby for all the cuddles and kisses they need. My husband is healthy and home from work every evening. And because of the internet and my laptop, I can work and play without going anywhere!

But I know I am one of the lucky ones — while I sit here in safety and comfort, there are mothers and fathers serving overseas, risking their lives and missing their children.

I can’t even begin to imagine leaving my children for an extended period of time, let alone knowing I will have to put my life in serious danger! As we go through our daily lives, with all it’s perks and pleasures, these military heroes give it all up to protect us.

And as they pack their bags and kiss their kids goodbye, they know they aren’t the only ones who will suffer. Their families – their precious children – will be without them for months and maybe forever. The sacrifices of military families never cease to amaze me!

We can’t erase the pain these families endure. But in this installment of Blogs Can Change Lives, we want to tip our hats and say “THANK YOU” to all the military families around the globe.

We wish we could slip an HP Mini in every soldiers bag before they sling it over their shoulder and board their plane. But, we can slip it into ONE soldier’s bag — one special soldier who may need an extra boost of encouragement for themselves or their family.

HP is providing one HP Mini 1000 for us to giveaway. Because the Mini is designed for people on the go, we want to give it to a member of the military so they can keep in touch with the world they had to leave behind.

HP Mini 1000The HP Mini 1000 retails starting at $299.99 and at less than an inch thick and weighing little more than 2 pounds, it won’t weigh a soldier down!

The HP Mini 1000 includes Genuine Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 3 for getting things done and staying connected in a protected environment, an Ethernet jack, two USB ports, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless capabilities as well as a built in webcam and microphone. It also boasts a keyboard that is nearly full size at 92% of a regular keyboard.

All of these combine together to create the perfect station for storing photos, music and files while giving you access to the internet and to family even when far from home.

(This giveaway is open to US and Canadian shipping addresses. Please see our terms and conditions for our site’s contest details and rules.)

So — How Can You Help?

We want to get this HP Mini to a family who really needs it — to a family whose mother or father is packing up to serve overseas, but, for whatever reason, can’t afford to buy a laptop to bring with them.

  1. Nominate
  2. Do you know a family whose mother or father is serving or heading overseas, but, due to financial limitations, their family cannot afford to purchase a laptop to send with them?

    If so, you can nominate them. (You can also nominate your own family.)

    To nominate a family, (or your own family,) you can write your nomination post on your own blog and leave the permalink in the comment section. Or, if you don’t have a blog, you can just leave a comment with your nomination.

    Please keep private details (including names and financial information that may be too personal) out of your story. If you feel you need to email us additional information privately, you can reach us at 5minutesformom at gmail dot com. Please put HP MINI NOMINATION in the subject.

    We will select finalists and then let help us choose the winner.

    Before we announce the winner, we may need to talk on the phone with the nominator or the family. So if you nominated someone, please watch for an email from us.

    We will accept nominations through June 20th, 2009 and then post the winner on Tuesday, June 30th, 2009.

  3. Spread the word
  4. If you want to spread the word about Blogs Can Change Lives, you can post this banner in a post or on your sidebar.

    blogs-can-change-livesAnd, of course, the more bloggers spread the news about Blogs Can Change Lives the more lives we will be able to change in the future.

    Grab a button and post!

    Thanks to Selene from iDesign Studios, (who won our button design contest last year for the UBP 08,) we have three different sized banners to choose from. Click here to see all the options and grab the codes.

    (You do not need to post a button to nominate or post about the project. We are just providing these buttons for bloggers who wish to help out spreading the word about Blogs Can Change Lives with a button either in their post or in their sidebar.)

  5. Comment
  6. Please leave a comment letting HP know that you are taking notice of them! We want to support the companies who support Blogs Can Change Lives.

    If you do not have a family to nominate, please read/visit some of the other nominations and feel free to leave some cyber support for these incredible kids and their families!

A huge thanks to HP and to YOU for helping us say THANK YOU to military men and women, and their families!


  1. says

    my husband’s nephew is serving overseas now…thanks for supporting this great effort!
    Praying HP is very effective in their actions toward this cause…
    i’ve grabbed your button and will proudly post it :)

  2. says

    I always fill up with pride when I see companies, sites, blogs recognize the military and offer to help, love and support our soldiers and their families in one fashion or another. My husband is an aviation officer in the Army and has been deployed to Iraq twice for a total of 29 months. His second deployment started when our son was 7 1/2 months and when my husband returned, our son was 23 months. We do our best to get through the separations with emails, phone calls and snail mail. And not every military stays together during those difficult times. I think it is wonderful for you to try to lighten the load for some soldiers’ families – you don’t even realize how much it can help. And it is always nice to feel recognized and appreciated.

  3. says

    I have to admit, I’m not aware of this family’s full story, but I would like to nominate the family of Andrea, of “Sgt and Mrs. Hub” – Their strong family bond, despite multiple deployments of Daniel (Andrea’s husband) is so deeply touching.

    Daniel will be deployed again very soon, so Andrea and her three children are in the midst of a cross-country move.

    I think winning such a lovely gift would not only brighten their time of separation, but would also cheer their hearts during this stressful time!

  4. says

    Thanks for supporting us. My husband is in the Navy and we are currently living in Italy. Thank The Lord that he is on shore duty right now, which means he is home. People often forget about the families that are also away from “home”. It can get lonely around here. Military life is not easy but we make the most of it! Thanks again!

  5. Amanda R. says

    I would like to nominate Renee Garcia and her husband Frank. They have 4 kids, “the Special K’s”, one with down syndrome. The same girl had Leukemia, but is now in remission. Their oldest boy has a Sensory problem and they are currently adopting a little Down Syndrome girl from Europe. The husband, Frank, just got back last year some time after an almost 18-month deployment trip, and now is getting deployed again at the end of the year for another 12 months. I think that they fully deserve this laptop. Thanks!

  6. says

    I just want to thank you all for honoring military families. I am unaware of anyone deploying at the moment, but will definitely keep this in mind.

    You ladies are amazing, thank you so much for all that you do!

  7. says

    Thank you for thinking of our troops–my husband was deployed during my daughter’s birth and although I was sad he missed the first couple of months of her life (and it was stressful with her heart condition), I cannot imagine how I would tell a toddler or an older child that Daddy is going to be gone for a year or more!

    I have a blog I don’t update too regularly but it is about my experience as a military spouse.

    This is very sweet of you to help a military family.

    I would love to chat with you about this effort. I have a few ideas I’ve been kicking around about how we can all make a difference together. If you see this, please do drop me a line.

  8. RMA says

    I would like to nominate a 21-year old young man who is near and dear to my heart. He surprised everyone by leaving college and enrolling in the Army. It was just something he felt he should do. The grieving and pride mix together so thoroughly that I think there should be a new word created to express it. Every mom with a military son or daughter must know what I mean.

    He’s just a kid, you now. But now too, he’s instantly a man, and a hero, and a blessing to more than just us, his family; he is a blessing to the nation. I would love to have him presented with a laptop so he will not have to worry about how he is going to keep in touch with those he loves, once his orders come through.

    In any case, thank you for doing what you are to help honor these men and women. Their sacrifices and dedication are certainly worth recognition.

  9. says

    thanks for what your doing here I proudly displayed the button in my sidebar between my “PROUD ARMY SISTER” button and a prayer for my soldier, my brother is in Iraq now and will be for several more months I write about him often on my blog, I would nominate him but thankfully he already has a laptop and I can keep in contact with him often I hope a very deserving person wins this so they can do the same, thanks to HP and you for acknowledging our service men and women its hard being a family member never knowing whats really going on!!!! again Thanks!

  10. says

    I’d like to second the nomination of Angela’s family. My heart goes out to this family. Two little girls miss holidays & irreplaceable memories with their dad so we can have time with our husbands and kids and wives.

    Winning the The HP Mini 1000 could mean so much to their family, hearing a giggle, seeing a smile, and just saying Happy Birthday from a world away.

    As you probably know he has been on duty for 18 months and will be going back for 12 months. How many hugs and kisses are missed in that time, first steps, first words.

    May the days be fast, to bring this family together again and may they stay connected with the The HP Mini 1000.

    Visit the first nomination for this family here. Which is comment #9

    This is the second Nomination and is posted at Life is a Sandcastle

  11. Brianna Boyd says

    I would like to nominate my sister Brittany. Her husband is in the air force and is currently deployed right now. They have two kids under the age of 4. While he’s been deployed she has been in and out of the hospital with medical problems and currently has a bone infection with a piccline conected to her right now for atleast a month….so needless to say, the medical bills are piling up because she is not on tricare prime. This would really help the family out a ton.
    I think it’s awesome that hp is offering this. As a wife to an Army soldier getting ready to deploy again, kind acts like this really make us feel appreciated! thank you

  12. Mrs. Westbrook says

    I would like to nominate my husband SSGT Westbrook. My husband has done a total of 2 tours to Iraq. He will be signing up to deploy in the year 2010 to Afganistan. Being a Marine it is his duty to protect and serve with his fellow marines and this is why I stand by his decision to deploy and the importance of the brotherhood all Marines have for one another. I know my Husband is taking care of his Marines and they are taking care of him. I have a selflish Husband that not only wants to make his family and country proud. He does so much for this family I would like to have him to still be able to share our daughters lives when he’s away. Missing our youngest daughters birth in May of 2007 was hard for all of us. They are daddy’s girls and always will be. I give thanks to all the Marines who protect my Husband when he is away, and who lead him back to his family . Once again THANK YOU MARINES!!!!


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