The only thing cuter than Olivia eating her apple…


… is Olivia signing apple, while announcing in her little voice, “Aaapple!”


Even though Olivia can say pretty much anything she chooses, she still loves signing. Signing Times is Olivia’s favorite show and she often signs when she talks. Soooo cute!


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    She’s adorable! My girls are a little more grown, but we are still signing. My 6yo was watching a couple of women signing in a hotel halway and she exclaims: Mommy, she just said ‘what?’! I had to explain that the women were having a private conversation and we shouldn’t but in… lol. The women thought it was cute, too. Thank goodness!

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    I totally agree!!! Our little Rebekah does the same and their is nothing sweeter then seeing the signs and hearing apple so cute!!!

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    That is super cute. My sister taught all of her kids so many signs. I love watching their chubby little hands sign. My favorite–helicopter.

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    SO sweet! My daughter loves signing time, too, but I haven’t been very consistent – thanks for encouraging me to get that going again! I wish I could just buy all the DVDs, that would be awesome. :-)

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    My oldest child often did that, spoke and signed the word at the same time. She used it for emphasis, in particular if she REALLY wanted something “Puleeese” along with an emphatic sign. Miss those days.

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