Child Safe Browsing App for Your iPhone or iPad

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“Mom, what’s this?!?”

You drop what you are doing. Your child was happily playing on your iPhone a moment ago. Knowing that she was playing a game quite happily, you walk away for a moment to tend to dinner. Now hearing your child yell, you rush to her. You hope against hope that your child isn’t hurt. But an idea pops in to your head. What if your child clicked on a website? Oh no! Surely your child didn’t click on a questionable website – one of those websites that you ABSOLUTELY don’t want her to see. As you look at the screen you see that your child has indeed clicked on a website that you ABSOLUTELY don’t want her to see. Ugh.

Not too many years ago, the family computer was more or less only a portal for children to play games. The family computer was located in a well-trafficked area of the house. Mom and Dad always knew who was on the computer and what that child was doing. Logging in to internet was a time-consuming process reserved only for times when mom or dad needed to send an email. Few kids had email addresses back then. Today it is a different story. Children today know the family computer inside and out. Logging on to wifi to play an online game is as easy as flicking a light switch. Gone are the days of having the family computer in a centrally located place in the house now that kids are using iPod Touches, iPhones, and iPads to access the internet. So how is a parent to keep a child safe on the ‘net?

f-secure child safe browsing

F-Secure wants to make sure that your child does not see harmful content when browsing the web on an iPhone or iPad. By creating the Child Safe Browser app, F-Secure lets parents select what sites their child is allowed to see. You select what web content you don’t want your child to see, for instance, violence, sexual content, and many others. The F-Secure Child Safe Browser allows you and your child to safely experience what the net has to offer.

F-Secure Child Safe Browser offers the following features:

  • the F-Secure Child Safe Browser comes with standard iOS capabilities like stop, reload, bookmarks, and back
  • F-Secure Child Safe Browser equipped with security services
  • a URL reputation service to filter bad websites, for instance, malware, phishing sites, etc.
  • Child Safe controls with content filtering
  • predefined profiles using 15 predefined content categories for blocking
  • password protection

F-Secure Child Safe is available for $3.99 at the iTunes stores. The app is only available for download for those who are 17 years of age or older. The F-Secure Child Safe app is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad with iOS 4.0 or later.

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