Pictures from Julia’s 4th Birthday Party

by Susan

I’ve had a couple of weeks now to accept that my first baby has turned four years old!

Julia and me on her 4th birthdayIt simultaneously breaks my heart and makes me beam with happiness.

I had begged the Lord for this baby. For my Julia. I had picked out her name and dreamt of her for years and I wept when I thought that she would never be.

But after 3 and a half years of tears and pleading with the Lord to let me be the mother of my precious Julia, I discovered He’d answered my prayers.

The Lord gave me the baby daughter of my dreams. And 2 and a half years later, He gave her a baby sister. I thank Him constantly and I love my girls more than I can begin to explain. I am beyond blessed and beyond thankful.

Our Family

Julia turned four earlier this month and we had a wonderful time celebrating. On her actual birthday, her best friend Madison and her cousins Jackson and Olivia came over for a little pizza party. Then on Saturday she had a dozen of her friends and cousins party with her at a gym.

Julia and Madison

Here’s a taste of Julia’s 4th birthday…

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