Safety and Comfort with the Pathway Booster Car Seat from The First Years

“Graduating” your toddler/preschooler from a convertible car seat to a belt-positioning booster car seat can be an exciting time. A new seat! A big kid seat! But then the realization sets in – is she safe in her new booster seat? Do I have the seat belts positioned correctly? And then there is the, “Mom! This seatbelt isn’t comfortable!” issue.

The new Compass B570 Pathway Booster Car Seat from The First Years is ready to tackle those issues, and give your child “one of the most comfortable rides ever.”

Let’s chat about the ‘comfortability’ first. Because, let’s face it, if your child isn’t comfortable, even that ten minute ride to the grocery store is going to feel like an eternity. Not only is the seat covered in comfortable fabric, but it features adjustable armrests and two removable (diswasher-safe) cupholders, a “no-gap” back that allows the seat to grow with your child but keeps her fully-supported as she grows height, and a deep headrest with contoured shape.

The First Years Compass B570 Pathway Booster Car Seat

My daughter thought the seat must be what little princesses ride in because it was so soft and comfy!

The First Years Compass B570 Pathway Booster Car Seat

When it comes to safety, the Compass B570 Pathway Booster Car Seat has put that at the top of their list. But The First Years has gone a step further and coupled it’s safety features with ease of use for you, the parent.

The Pathway Booster Car Seat features a color-coded adjustable shoulder belt path and color-coded lap belt positioning for a comfortable and secure fit each and every time. You will also notice that this innovative seat allows you the flexibility to adjust the should belt path up to 1.5″ – again, comfort and safety!

The First Years Compass B570 Pathway Booster Car Seat

The First Years Compass B570 Pathway Booster Car Seat

The deep headrest and contoured shape helps contain and control your child’s head in the event of a crash. The First Years actually side-impact tests all of their seats to the most stringent standards for side-impact testing (Australian standards).

As a mom, I love that the Pathway Booster Car Seat has taken safety and comfort to a whole new level. But I really, really appreciate that The First Years has incorporated ways to make using this seat even easier for the parents. So much so that they received a five-star “Ease of Use” government rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Beyond the color-coded belt paths {again, AWESOME}, the Pathway Booster Car Seat has a patented one-hand fold and weighs only 9 pounds. Have you ever tried transferring a booster seat from one car to another? They can be so cumbersome! With the ease of the “one-hand fold”, you can quickly move or store your booster seat without problem. My husband is slightly excited about this feature as well!

The First Years Compass B570 Pathway Booster Car Seat

We love the Compass B570 Pathway Booster Car Seat. I love knowing that, by using the color-coded belt paths, my daughter is safe and secure and that she will be comfortable through even our longest of road trips.

And it looks like her little brother is pretty excited that someday he will get to ride in it as well!

The First Years Compass B570 Pathway Booster Car Seat

Here we have the back full extended so you can see how high it can go! And yet still really supportive!!

At just $99.99 (MRSP), the Compass B570 Pathway Booster Seat is a must have for kids 3-10 years old (30-100 lbs).

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I received a The First Years Compass B570 Pathway Booster Car Seat to help facilitate this review but, of course, all opinions written here are my own. 


  1. Ivy T says

    This would be handy for our family in general. We’re getting to the point where flying everyone is too expensive and are planning more road trip vacations.

  2. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

    We’re hoping to take a trip to Washington DC….but with gas at $4.00 per gallon….it’s going to be a while!

  3. Anne Lehnick says

    We live in a rural area, so everyday is a roadtrip. Just to get to Grandma’s house, it’s a 35 minute drive. To my sister’s house, it’s about an hour.

  4. Ellie W says

    Not a road trip but my son brings my grandson to my house every day to watch while he works. And they live about 40 minutes away.

  5. Chelsea says

    My kids love crab so we take them to the beach every once in a while to watch daddy catch them! it’s about 100 miles to the beach from here so… I guess you could call that a road trip :)

  6. Cheryl Rahkonen says

    Yes, We are planning to travel to Illinois so this booster seat would really come in handy and would be much safer then the small cheap one that I have. I like that it folds and would be easy to move while getting in and out of the car.

  7. Rebecca Rahkonen says

    I plan on taking many trips this year. Some to the zoo and some to Springfield and Little Rock to visit my siblings! A booster seat would always come in handy, since I have a 2 year old boy and a 5 year old boy! Both need them!

  8. Janet W. says

    We plan on traveling to the beach in FL next summer with my two grandsons. It should be fun… and interesting! It will be their first beach trip.

  9. Sue Ellison says

    Not a long road trip, but we live in a rural area so every trip is at least an hour one way to go shopping, eat out, movies, etc.

  10. mona says

    I watch my Grandchildren weekly, and we go everywhere together! Also we go to my Daughters Lake House and to visit Great GrandMother A LOT! …. And this car seat would be an answer to prayer to take the My Oldest Grand Daughter with me safely. She wants to ride like a ‘BIG girl’ with her Gege, of course.

  11. Ciara B. says

    we don’t have any planned just yet, but my sister and nephew live in georgia and we visit them alot, so i’m sure there will be one in the near future

  12. kathy dunaway says

    We are planning a trip to Raleigh to celebrate my son’s birthday.I would love to win the booster-car-seat. Thanks:)

  13. Audra Weathers says

    No road trips planned soon, but this would have been nice on our last trip to the beach. It’s hard moving the car seat from vehicle to vehicle.

  14. K.Pugh says

    We live far from our immediate and extended family and friends. Therefore road trips are not an option. Add in the kids sports and activities and upcoming holidays.

  15. Jennifer Nixon says

    The majority of my family lives about 3 & 1/2 hours away. I’m trying to save to get my son a new booster seat.

  16. Sandy VanHoey says

    I would like to win for my grandchildren and they are always on the run. Not sure any long roadtrips right now but they go away often

  17. Ashley C says

    We just had our big roadtrip of the year, but there will be one coming up in the spring :)


  18. Cassandra Eastman says

    We’ve been talking about taking a trip to see my grandma, but dreading the ride with kids (it’s 6 hours!) This carseat looks fantastic, would love it for my 3 year old!

  19. lauren says

    Every year, we make a pilgrimage down to Texas to visit my Aunt Dee for a fun Christmas get together! I’m sure the Compass B570 Pathway Booster Seat would keep my dear Henry riding comfy and safe!

  20. says

    We do a lot of traveling all of our family is on the east coast and my husband and I are stationed at Ft. Hood in Texas. Christmas time is coming and traveling home for the Holidays is definite.

  21. Jessica says

    We are getting ready to move from VA to either MN or IL (depending on where my husband’s job sends us). Either way, we will be spending a lot of time in the car!

  22. Richard Hicks says

    we plan on visiting the NC mountains this fall to see the colorful foliage. It would be handy to have!

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  23. Ericka says

    No we don’t have any upcoming trips. This will be used for an everyday use, running back and forth to and from school for my daughter.

  24. Jeni Lutz says

    I take a 4 hour drive every month to the childrens hospital for my daughter who is waiting for a double lung transpalnt she has check up every month

  25. Melissa VandenBerg says

    my oldest son is on a traveling soccer team. Every weekend we are heady to another part of the state. This would be wonderful for my toddler…

  26. Candice Hull says

    Yes! We are always the ones doing the driving during the holidays since we are the ones that move all the time.
    Thank you!

  27. clynsg says

    This would be to replace an older seat that I keep in my car for times my grandson rides with me. Most of the time that is local travel only, so no upcoming trips are currently planned.

  28. Jill Myrick says

    We will be visiting Family out of state for the holidays this year. And this would be perfect for my daughte


  29. Roberta Horn says

    Not really, other than my Daddy has been in ICU for what feels like forever now (8 days) and we only own one car seat, so depending on which car we make the hour long trek to the hospital in, we have to swap the carseat around!

  30. Laurie says

    My family lives two hours away so there will be a lot of trips in the future. This weekend we are going to my grandmother’s birthday party.

  31. Lisa Fonseca says

    Yes! We are going to Fiesta Texas in San Antonio soon and I really needed one for my nephew.

    lisando at

  32. Laurie Emerson says

    We are going to be driving from MS to Maine for Thanksgiving this year and this would be so perfect.
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

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