Customize Your Next Vacation with Tripcanza

by Jill Berry


Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, stress free, and a break from the daily grind. For the most part, a family’s vacation is a way to recharge, relax, and rewind. But what about the planning?

The endless web searching is enough to make anyone lose it. Trip planning for one person is hard enough, but try coordinating a trip for mom, dad, and a couple of kids. Throw in the grandparents and you might decide to re-think the whole vacationing as a family idea altogether. Staying home would be easier, right?

Tripcanza is the answer to the vacation planning headache. is an online platform for vacation providers and travelers. This online platform connects vacation providers with travelers and vice versa. Tripcanza is the traveler’s one stop shop for finding custom vacations, group tours, sport travel, Disney travel, and travel experience.

Why Tripcanza

Tripcanza — a member of the American Society of Travel Agents — offers the traveler a way to book a vacation without all the worry and gray hairs! Here’s how it works:

  • You create a custom vacation request on Tripcanza.
  • Tripcanza will add an expiration date to the custom vacation request.
  • Your request will be broadcast to all vacation providers registered on Tripcanza, including, touring companies, travel agenxies, and travel venues.
  • The Tripcanza vacation providers will construct vacation packages to meet your vacation request criteria.
  • The custom vacation request will be sent to you for review before the expiration date.

But, you are not limited to the custom vacation request. Through the Tripcanza messaging system, you can negotiate for custom packages from competing vacation providers. You can review different terms and prices. Once you have decided on your customized vacations, you can process payment to the vacation provider through Tripcanza.

After you return from your trip, you can use Tripcanza to blog about your trip and post photos of your family on your vacation. Not only can you post about your vacation, but you can provide feedback to the vacation provider, which is helpful to other travelers.

Tripcanza is a two way street connecting agents to travelers and travelers to agents all through the confines of a single dedicated site. No more hunting and searching for deals on a multitude of travel websites. So next time you book that Caribbean vacation or even the Safari tour, check out Tripcanza for worry- and hassle-free vacation planning.

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Jill Berry @MusingsfromMe is a writer who stays at home or a SAHM who writes…it depends on the day and her mood. While playing a writer on the internet, Jill has the gray hair AND blogposts from raising a kid, a preteen, and a teen. When not blogging at Musings from Me, Jill seizes family time whenever she can…dinner as a family, movie night, marathon family game sessions, traveling…you name it she wants to do it.

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1 Kenya Safari May 13, 2014 at 3:57 am

Hey Jill, I appreciate your blog, Because you discussed useful information. Vacations are most relaxing and stress free for everyone. Most of the people are in dilemma to choose their spots. I hope everyone must read this. Travel agents are helpful for us to make our vacation successful.


2 Walking Safari June 20, 2014 at 6:26 am

I appreciate your blog because you discusses good information which is helpful to everyone to spend time in spring break. Your idea are amazing especially take a road trip and volunteer as a family. I like these two very much because I love to travel as well as help to others.Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.


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