Meet Haizel- An Avon Mom Who Truly “Does It All”

Over the past few days, I got to chat with a woman who — I found out — truly does it all when it comes to being a business woman, mom, and more! Haizel, who is an independent Avon Represenative and has been since 2008 should be receiving a “Mother of the Year” award for all that she does.

Not only is she a mom and owns her own Avon business, but she works full time, just finished getting her social degree, and spends a great deal of time doing charity work in her home state of New York.

As I talked with Haizel, I really enjoyed getting to know her and you could hear the excitement in her voice about her home based business and all the goals she accomplished just in the last few months.

Haizel with Paul Innis, Avon Celebrity Makeup Artist

I see you have been with Avon for 4 years now. Was Avon your first choice for home based businesses or did you look into other avenues first?

Avon was my first choice. I did try other companies along the way, but they did not look out for me or have my best interests in mind like Avon did, so when I decided to try a home based business again, I went straight to Avon this time instead of shopping around.

How has selling Avon helped you financially?

Avon has definitely helped me with my financial stability! In fact, over the Labor Day holiday, I was able to purchase a used car and pay for it in full. That was my goal from the start was to purchase a car with my earnings before the end of summer. Every time I made an order or started a campaign, I kept that goal in mind.  It was a great feeling to be able to do that.

Avon made this possible for Haizel!

How did you manage raising your three kids, going to school, and selling Avon? That sounds like a pretty full plate?

It is a full plate, but really it all comes down to time management. What’s really great is that Avon really is a family oriented business. I get to let my kids help me with my Avon business. My oldest of course helps me more than the younger ones, but they all like to be involved.

Do your children each have a specific job with your business?

Each child does have their own little job inside my Avon business. My oldest is great at helping me organize the items when they arrive by picking them out of the box, and my girls are in charge of stamping all of my books when they come in. A hand stamper is a MUST if you sell Avon and my girls love that job. It keeps me from having to spend a lot of time writing out my information on the back of the brochure booklets. I also created my own little order form, and the girls take care of getting those in the books as well.

I try to give them jobs that are not to difficult to do, but also so that they can have responsibility and be a part of mom’s business.

Haizel with one of her daughters

What is your favorite part of owning your own business?

Besides the discounts, because I love Avon products? I love the flexibility of having my Avon business, because it really comes down to what you put into it is what you get out of it. One thing that I really love is that I don’t have to miss any of the important things with my family like cooking dinner for them, or major milestones with my kids. I get to be there with them.

Now that you have your social degree,will you continue to sell Avon?

Going to school did not hinder me running my Avon business. In fact, I was going to school full time while selling Avon, and now that I am finished, that’s just one less thing I have to do! Now I can dedicate more time to my Avon business.

Learning All About New Avon Products

Where do you see yourself with Avon 5 years from now?

I see my business growing more and me handing over all the follow up calls to my son who will be 13 in 5 years from now! It’s a great way to show them how to be professionals and how to succeed.

What are some tips you can offer to other full time moms like yourself about balancing and juggling a full life while going to school, raising a family, and working from home?

The one thing that I suggest for any mom who is raising a family and doing all the things that I do is to set realistic goals. Avon is not a get rich quick scheme. You have to invest time into your business by setting attainable goals. Start out slow until you get comfortable with doing more. Get committed and determined to reach the goals you set. There is a way to make your business happen.

Even if it means not getting a manicure this week — set goals that you can succeed with.

You can visit Haizel on her Avon website, and if you are on Facebook, subscribe to her page. She does giveaways on there, shares about upcoming specials and new products.

Haizel joined Avon in 2008 to help supplement the family income when the economy took a turn for the worst. Haizel was attracted to Avon over other direct selling companies because of the flexibility and the ease of being able to incorporate Avon into her busy schedule. Since joining Avon, Haizel has been able to go back to school to earn her Masters in Social, all while selling Avon and having three young children to take care of at home! Additionally, she has been able to give some of her time back to the community, volunteering for ogranizations such as New York Cares and New York City of Emergency Management. Haizel’s Avon earnings help pay the bills, provide for her children and pay for her tuition. Haizel loves the flexibility that Avon gives her as it enabled her to truly do it all- run a business, volunteer in her community, go back to school and spend precious time with her children.

This is part of a promotional campaign with Avon. All opinions listed are our own.