We’re Giving Away Scary Mommy’s Secrets To You All – For Free

Scary Mommy

You just love a juicy secret, don’t you? Come on… we ALL love to get in on behind-the-scenes, real-life stories.

Now, I try hard not to gossip. But just like any woman, I can’t resist some good old girl-talk especially when it’s full of secrets.

So when I sat down next to Jill Smokler aka Scary Mommy, I immediately started digging for dirt. Like… does SHE ever get jealous? Because the truth is I’m kinda jealous that she’s got a bestselling book and 257,000+ Twitter followers!

And do you know what? She told me the truth… and she’s letting me tell all of you. Read on to my interview with Jill below and you’ll find out who makes Jill jealous.

I also asked Jill how she got her book deal, what mistakes she made, what she learned, what she’d do differently… all the stuff nobody talks about. It turns out she wrote an ebook revealing those secrets called “Everything I Learned about Writing a Book”. I obviously HAD to read it.

Well, the insight into Jill’s book publishing experience was fabulous and so I sweet-talked her into making a deal for you — our 5 Minutes for Mom readers.

She will give you her ebook for FREE when you purchase the Scary Mommy book.

How to Get It For Free

Here’s the deal…

If you haven’t yet picked up a copy of Scary Mommy’s book, get it now and email Jill something to tell her you bought it. It could be an Amazon receipt or whatever.

Or if you’ve already purchased the book months ago and have lost your receipt, do something clever like email Jill your favorite quote from the book.

Then Jill will send you a copy of the ebook.

You’ll Be Set for Secrets

Armed with Jill’s book which is full of laugh-out-loud and jaw-dropping confessions and her ebook revealing the good, bad and ugly of how she wrote and published it, you’ll have completely satisfied your need for girl-talk secrets for well… at least a week or two.

And to get you started, here are some juicy answers from Jill…

Interview with Jill Smokler – Author of Confessions of a Scary Mommy

Do you ever get jealous of other authors or bloggers?
(Will you tell us who?)

I’ve never admitted this before, but yes, of course I do. It’s impossible not to!

Jenny Lawson’s (The famed Bloggess) book came out 2 weeks after mine and is still on the New York Time’s bestseller’s list. Much as I would like to play cool and be nothing but happy for her success – the incredible press, the overbooked signings, the rave reviews – I am completely and utterly jealous.

I really do think that every blogger success story is a success for the community as a whole, but it’s impossible for me not to compare myself to those bigger success stories. I’m working on it.

What’s one quality or character trait of yours that you would change if you could?

The inability to just be content. During the book promotion, I was so crazed and so intense that I just wanted it to be over so I could relax.

Once it was over and things returned to normal, I looked around and was like, this is it? It was boring and I longed for the roller coaster again. I wish I had the ability to take a deep breath and enjoy the ride, or even enjoy the quiet, instead of always waiting for the next stage.

When writing your book, did you ever get scared that you wouldn’t be able to finish it or write it as well as you wanted?

Absolutely. The book writing process was incredibly bumpy and there were (many, ok most) days I felt completely in over my head.
If you could go out for dinner with one comedian, who would it be?

Louis C.K. I think he’s hysterical.
What’s your favorite part and least favorite part of your book?

My favorite part is the cover, specifically that it’s embossed. I just love the feel of it. My least favorite? The three spelling errors I found after print. They haunt me.
What was your favorite age or stage your kids went through?

There are parts of every stage that I love and parts that I hate. I just adore when they are newborns and easily satisfied, so peaceful and simple and smell so very delicious. But, then there are the sleepless nights and the stress and concern that accompany that. That kind of sums up every stage for me — amazing, but hard.

Parenting my 4, 6 and 8 year olds lately has been tough – I think I’m due for some blue skies ahead!


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