Are Kids With Cell Phones Spoiled?

My girls are only 4 and 7 so while I let them play Angry Birds on my old iPhone, they clearly won’t need cell phones for calls and texts anytime soon.

But I admit as soon as my oldest walks to school alone or stays after school for activities or even regularly goes on play dates without me, I’m getting her a phone.

Why? So I can call her anywhere, anytime. And if she doesn’t answer? Well I’ll likely freak out with the worry of a helicopter mom who has let her precious child out of arm’s reach. LOL

Sure I have my concerns about giving a child an expensive tech gadget that she may lose or misuse, but these days the technology has caught up and wiped out many of those issues. If I can control access, costs and it has a GPS to help locate the phone when it’s been accidentally kicked under her bed, I’m happy.

Of course, this is all hypothetical for me right now. But Janice will be dealing with this soon with Jackson. He’s starting 5th grade and several times last year, she even gave him her own cell phone to use when he had to stay late at school for an activity. My guess is she’ll be getting him his own cell soon so that she can call him when she’s running late for school pick-up. 

I’m not saying we should spoil our kids anymore than this crazy generation already encourages, but I don’t think we should feel guilty for using technology to help us keep our kids safe and our minds at ease.

I’m thrilled that companies are recognizing the specific needs for kids with cell phones and developing plans specifically for them. I think all the options and controls shown in the video below are fabulous…

What Do You Think?

Do you think kids should have cell phones? What age do you think a child should be before getting a cell phone?

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