Meet Krista- An Amazing Woman Who Makes a Living Selling Avon Products

I work from home and I love it. Being a part of the team here at 5 Minutes for Mom has been one of the most rewarding careers I have ever been a part of. Being able to help my husband pay the bills, yet still spend an enormous amount of time with my family and also homeschool my kids makes me a very happy momma.

Today, I want to introduce you to another work at home mom — Krista Burns.

A mother of two young children, Krista is a former professional photographer who initially joined Avon to receive discounts on products used for her female clientele. Since becoming an Avon Representative, and now Training Leader, Krista’s Avon business has grown to much more. As her daughter heads off to Kindergarten in just a few weeks, Krista was able to fund her first official back to school shopping year entirely with her Avon earnings – even completing all of her shopping in July. “This was huge for my husband and I, as money is extremely tight in our family. Avon has been the opportunity of a lifetime for me!”

Jennifer: Hi Krista! Thanks for taking my call today and talking with us about your fabulous work at home career with Avon. When did you decide you wanted to join the Avon team?

Krista: Hi Jennifer. Thanks for talking with me! I just celebrated my 2 year anniversary with Avon.

Jennifer: Congratulations Krista. That is quite an accomplishment. So — what made you initially want to join Avon? Were there certain perks you were looking for?

Krista: That is a great question. I actually joined Avon two years ago because I co-owned a photography business. My business partner and I always used the Avon products for our clients because of their amazing makeup products. It just made sense to sign up so we could get a discount on the products we were using at the time.

Jennifer: That does make perfect sense and I am sure the discounts made it worth it as well. So– what are your favorite benefits of working for yourself through Avon?

Krista:  I have to say that my most favorite benefit is that of setting my own schedule around my family. I usually do most of my work while my youngest is napping. That way, when he wakes up I can spend time with him playing and snuggling.

Jennifer: Are you in leadership at Avon? What is that like?

Krista: Yes. Right now I am a training leader, but soon I will be advancing to Advance Unit Leader.

Jennifer: What are your personal favorite Avon products?

Krista: Ah– that would have to be the kids clothing.

The clothes are so well made and when the kids wear them out somewhere, they always get compliments!

Jennifer: I bet they do! My favorite products have always been the Smooth Minerals makeup. I get more compliments on my makeup when I’m out somewhere. I’ve turned quite a few ladies on to the Smooth Minerals.

So Krista– as a busy wife and mother, how does Avon fit into your family schedule?

Krista: As I said before, I try to work around my family.  I try to set aside time after the kids go to bed, when they are taking naps, and of course I always encourage family participation. My 5 year old loves to help me with the products. She calls it her Avon factory. Many times, my clients just go right to the website and place orders. I never have to do anything until it comes in.

Jennifer: Do you find it hard to separate family and work time since you work from home?

Krista: Some days it is hard to separate work and family time, but — that is just part of running a business from home. However- being able to be with family and generate income, to me it is worth it and very rewarding for me.

Jennifer: As a mom, what did you do with your children while talking to clients?

Krista: I usually talk to my clients while my oldest is in school and while my youngest takes his nap.

Jennifer: With Back to School happening right now, how do you use that to your advantage when selling Avon?

Krista: There are many ways to approach it. With the economy like it is everyone is watching their dollars. Going to the store for things, running here, running there — it takes a toll on the bank account. I approach moms with the affordability and good quality that Avon offers and I remind them that I will deliver their products to them. They are not having to use their gas at all.

Jennifer:   What steps did you take with your clients to help reach a successful level?

Krista: Call backs are most important. I also makes sure all of my clients know the specials Avon is offering at that time. I also have a Facebook group with product info, specials, and more. Then I make sure to follow up with past clients before I place an order.

Jennifer: Funding your first back to school supplies with only your Avon earnings sounds exciting. Do you have any tips for our readers on how they can make an extra income?

Krista: Work for Avon! It costs only $10 to join. And you get great support from your district manager. Avon is for people who want to be in business for themselves but not by themselves and it offers the flexibility to successfully balance work and family life.

Thanks Krista for talking with us today about the Advantages of working for Avon!

This is part of a promotional campaign with Avon. My views are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Avon and its affiliates.


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    That is so exciting to be able to do all of your school shopping on the money you earn on Avon! School shopping can be a bit pricey, with 2 girls I know this :)

    It is wonderful to hear success stories and I wish you the very best in your advance to Advance Unit Leader. Krista, you sound like a woman who does their best and will do quite well creating a very successful business.

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