What Delicious Bento Back to School Lunch Can You Create? (Giveaway)

I love making lunches to take on field trips with my kids. Honestly, we have gotten out of the fast food run over the last year thanks to my fabulous daughter who is on a kick to eat healthier. We used to use traditional lunchboxes, but lately, I have fallen head over heels in love with the Bento Box. Have you seen or heard about them?

A bento laptop lunchbox consists of containers that you can fill with healthy foods for your child to eat for lunch. Each container comes with a lid and then the box itself closes securely to keep the food inside safe until your child eats it.

The word “bento” is derived from the Chinese word “bedong” which means convenient. In essence, you are creating a healthy, convenient, home packed meal for your child to enjoy at school.

What are some delicious types of foods I can include in my Bento Box?

In my box above, I included:

Other items you might include in your Bento box could be: homemade potato chips, cheese cubes, roasted almonds, whole strawberries with dark chocolate for dipping, and more!

What Kind of Bento Box would you create?

As the back-to-school season nears, creating healthy lunches that kids can enjoy is something all parents can understand. Luckily, the growing bento box trend has made packing a lunch cool again and reignited a passion to use fresh, healthy ingredients in new and creative ways!

Win a Bento Starter Kit from California Ripe Olive

Since black olives are a healthy and kid-friendly item – and a perfect ingredient in bento boxes – the folks at California Ripe Olives want to send one of our 5 Minute for Mom readers their very own bento starter kit as inspiration to incorporate olives into your child’s lunch! The kit includes:

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I was sent a Bento Lunch Kit as described above in order to write my review. All opinions listed are my own.


  1. says

    I would do a taco salad, I think. Tomatoes, lettuce, onions and of course the olives. The whole taco works! My kids would love to have their own taco bar in their lunch box!

  2. Anita Sears says

    I would include popcorn (my daughter’s fav) along with some deli meat, and something sweet like a cookie

  3. Amber G. says

    Cherry Tomatoes,Right from the garden,Olives,Chunk cheese,celery slices,1/2 sandwich of peanut butter and grape jelly!

  4. says

    I love making little pinwheels of turkey/cream cheese in tortilla and slicing them up into circles. Add some cut up fruits (grapes/cherries) and veggies (cucumber, carrots) and even some ranch dip in a tiny box with a few Hershey’s kisses and I think I just created a lunch for my kiddo for the coming school year! :)

  5. says

    Cherry tomato/mozz ball skewers, rice w/ chicken, roasted red peppers and onions, dried apricots, almonds, or even make a little antipasto w/ cured meats and cheeses and figs!

  6. Tara F. says

    Peanut Butter & Banana Roll ups, Cut up string cheese, Grapes, Pineapple chunks, Melon balls, etc.
    sweetpeonies07 at gmail

  7. ELIZABETH C. says

    I would include crackers and pieces of cheese , a few walnuts and some pieces of pineapple. My daughter would love it.

  8. Debra b says

    Well since my kids are grown & out of school I pack my hubby’s lunch, he loves a turkey sandwich with cheese and I cant forget his favorite topping, ” Jalapeno’s” but I usually just throw a few into a baggie so they dont get the sandwich soggy but these little containers are perfect and of course he Always wants something sweet afterwards, his favorite is cheesecake and these are the perfect to add a slice for his dessert, I know he would love this type of lunch set to keep everything neat & organized until lunch time

    Thanks for offering this great giveaway :)

  9. Anne Lehnick says

    strawberries, blueberries, string cheese chunks, crackers, pepperoni, and cucumbers come to mind as other foods we might include in our box

  10. Colleen says

    I would love to try out this kit! My daughter’s favorites are fruit sliced and cut to look like animals or cartoon characters!

  11. says

    We love bentos- some faves are fruit shish kabobs, pb&j sushi, homemade uncrustables, the makings for yogurt parfait (yogurt one spot, granola another, berries another- so many possibilities. :)

  12. gina says

    My son adores black olives so definitely those & some grapes & animal crackers & cheese. He is only 20 months old.

  13. Gaye M says

    A small salad and dressing, sliced meat (ham, turkey or roast beef), bread or crackers, and fruit (grapes, a pear, peach, sliced apple, or whatever looks best at the market).

  14. says

    My kids love when I take “fun” toothpicks and add lunch meat and cheese. Also, I sometimes put a small handful of chocolate chips in a portion of their box!

  15. Richelle says

    Cherry tomatoes, pretzels, dried fruit, string cheese cubes/bites, bite size oatmeal cookies…mmm. Hmm, maybe I’m planning my own lunch lol.

  16. Theresa says

    I don’t have kids, but for myself I would include pasta salads, fresh cut-up veggies and some sliced apples or grapes.

  17. Carolyn Daley says

    Grapes, yogurt, carrots, turkey sandwich, and water. Basically a main meal like sandwich or salad with fruit and veggies on the side.

  18. Holly S. says

    Sandwiches cut into bite-sized pieces, sushi, grapes, diced fruit, salads, etc., etc.!!! Love! Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. rebecca says

    We love cheese, so I’d have to include some cheese and maybe homemade guacamole. Yum. Maybe even tuna and crackers. :)

  20. Ally says

    Fresh fruit, hummus and veggies, freshly baked whole grain bread, and boiled eggs would all go in the bento box!

  21. Sarah says

    Oh my daughter loves raw fruit and veggies… so any cut up melon, grapes, apple slices and a raw nut butter for dipping… oh yummm…


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