UrbanSitter Gets an Inside Scoop on What Parents and Babysitters Really Think

Recently UrbanSitter polled more than 400 of its members – 200+ parents and 200+ babysitters – and put together this infographic detailing answers from the survey. Take a look and let us know: are there any statistics here that surprise you? Anything here you can relate to, as either a parent or a babysitter?



  1. says

    Just reading through the infographic and noting how important the interaction between the children and the sitter is paramount to making the whole experience successful.
    I appreciate that sitters value children who are open to management and make for less demanding supervision times.
    In my experience we have also noted that a certain level of “adorability” always helps recruit new sitters and in the same way resistant children don’t encourage new sitters to re-book.
    Nice work, thanks for bringing it to our attention…

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