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Have you ever been at the doctor’s office with a couple of kids? When the wait to see a doctor is endless. It’s not pretty is it? Or you are in a rush to get to the grocery store and your toddler is pitching a fit about sitting in his car seat. You know there is an app out there to distract your child. But which app do you choose?

A new app hit the shelves…er…app store this week. It’s called WeWantApps. First off WeWantApps is free…love that! Second it’s a toolkit for finding apps for your child. Third it works on all iPhones, iPod Touch, and the iPad.

WeWantApps helps parents find the exact app they are looking for now, when you need the app most. Goodbeans, the app’s creator, designed the app for busy moms and dads of kids 0-14 years old. As a parent you often know what your elementary schoolers kids wants in a game app. Or you have a need to find something for your toddler that features shapes, but don’t know which one to choose.

WeWantApps has features for the busy parent on the go. With WeWantApps, you can:

  • Use WeWantApps to find the most appropriate app with ease.
  • Search apps by easy-to-use search criteria, such as age, category, language, platform, and price.
  • Share your favorite apps with other parents and friends.
  • Find out what apps your friends and family like.


A key feature of WeWantApps is that the Daily App is chosen each day by experts. In addition, each app included in the WeWantApps library has been reviewed by a dedicated and qualified team. So with all these features, WeWantApps transforms your device in to a suitable and safe playground for your children.

WeWantApps is now available for free in the iTunes store. Go download, and happy hunting!

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