Southwest Three Cheese Chicken with Kraft Fresh Take

Lately I’ve been more motivated than ever to find simple, delicious dinner ideas for my family. Since we moved across country earlier this month, everything has been in flux, and I’ve seen how just sitting down together for dinner has helped each of us adjust and create new memories in our new place.

The Kraft Cheese website features some fabulous ideas, inspiration, and recipes on their website, including one for Southwest Three Cheese Chicken. I love that this recipe uses just two key ingredients – chicken and Kraft Fresh Take – and takes very little prep and baking time. There is still so much to do and unpack after our move, keeping kitchen time to a minimum while still enjoying the benefits of mealtime together makes this recipe a perfect fit for me.

Just how quick and easy is it to make Southwest Three Cheese Chicken with Kraft Fresh Take? Take a look for yourself!:

For more mealtime inspiration, visit the Kraft Cheese website. To download the Mother Mother song “Bright Idea” featured in this video, visit iTunes.


  1. says

    We tried the one with bacon a few weeks ago, and it was a hit! My daughter in particular has been asking for us to have it again.

    I have the parmesan one in my fridge, and was wanting to try it on fish.

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