Back-to-School Shopping with OshKosh B’gosh (Review and Giveaway)

I clearly remember the anticipation and excitement of August back-to-school shopping trips with my mom and sister. We always looked forward to that day – to our “girl time” – where the three of us would spend hours in the shops and then go out to dinner afterwards. My mom always gave us a limit as to what we could each get and, somehow, we always ended up going past that limit, because, HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE GIRLS SECTION OF ANY CLOTHING STORE?


I now have three daughters of my own, and when I was offered the chance to take my two older girls on a back-to-school shopping trip at OshKosh B’gosh, naturally I jumped. While my girls are only in Pre-K and Preschool, this would be the first time that I’ve taken the two of them shopping with me, alone. Our own yearly tradition of “girl time” would start with this venture.

oshkosh b'gosh

We arrived at OshKosh and before we were even entirely through the front doors, the very first items they noticed were the Back to School Collection‘s fleece-lined hoodies. With the sparkles. (Because, they have a very fine-tuned radar on sparkles.) The hoodies (which is a huge MUST-HAVE in this house) came in all sorts of colors, but they each grabbed their personal favorites. Sparkly graphics give the cozy fleece hoodies a little extra zip to match their personalities, and they start at only $18!

Some more girly sparkly hoodie goodness:

Once we grabbed the hoodies, the girls quickly moved across the store. They were excitedly asking me, and anyone that would listen to them, if they could try things on. I told them to choose what they liked and we would fill each of their shopping bags for the dressing room.

They filled those bags with colored denim, tunics, leggings, graphic tees, shoes and accessories faster than if I told them Oobi The Talking Hand was at the front door. (It’s weird. I know.)

I enjoyed watching them pick out their own clothes (even if I had to intervene with the sizing and explain to my 3 year-old that a size 7 wasn’t going to fit her). A big hit for both of them were the graphic tees and Tunic and Leggings Collection. You could mix and match to create dozens of easy outfits, and the prints and styles were absolutely adorable.

And, of course, the shoes. We can’t forget the sparkly silver and pink shoes.

What I loved most about OshKosh while I was there was not only the refreshed classic Back to School Textbook Styles, but that I was saving a ton of money, with up to 50% off! My girls don’t have to wear uniforms to school, but if they did, I’d definitely be shopping OshKosh’s Dress Code Uniform Shop (currently available online and in-stores).

Everything in the store was just so PERFECT for back-to-school.

Even though I live in a world of girls, I spotted a lot of Back to School Collection boy styles that my nephews would love. The boys signature hoodies were made of soft cotton fleece with pouch pockets and bold, old-school logos. The triple jumper athletic pant, fully lined with soft, cotton jersey, looked like a keeper for the active boy and the rugged, washed denim was up to 50% off!

OshKosh is truly a destination for Back to School styles. The looks are versatile, fun and can be layered to bring fall into winter.

This week (until 8/27) OshKosh has a special Look of the Week promotion going on.

The featured Look of the Week includes:

  • Girl: Jeggings, Up to 50% off! Denim leggings, or “jeggings” are available in a variety of denim washes. Pair them with adorable and comfy knit dresses and tunics. When the weather gets cooler, add a sweet cardigan to complete the look.
  • Boy: B’gosh Blue Jeans, Up to 50% off! B’gosh blue jeans are made of durable and long-lasting soft cotton. Baby boy jeans are available in straight, classic, and carpenter styles and a variety of washes. Boy jeans also come in a loose fitting style.

After spending over an hour in OshKosh, we collected our new purchases and headed for the register. But not before stopping one last time to try something on.

I hope my girls will begin to remember how cool it is to go back-to-school shopping with their mom. Especially when their mom takes them to fun stores like OshKosh. (And buys them ice cream at Friendly’s later.)

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  1. Jessica says

    My 7 year old is growing quickly. He will need new clothing soon. By fall he will probably have outgrown all his current size 8’s.

  2. Anne Lehnick says

    I would probably be dressing my 5 year old son. I love Carter’s and Osh Kosh, but my son is too big for Carter’s now, so the Osh Kosh would be saved for him.

  3. Cheryl Rahkonen says

    I would be dressing my 4 year old grandson – he has gone from size 4 to 6/7 and some 8’s over the summer. He definitely needs new clothes and shoes.

  4. says

    There is an Osh Kosh outlet store at an outlet mall near us, and it is where we always head for our back to school shopping. This would sure come in handy!

  5. Laura Jacobson says

    I would be dressing my grandson Carter! He grew so much since last winter, needs new clothes for fall!

  6. carol gentry says

    MY beaautiful grandkids. I have a set of twins (a boy and a girl) and a little grandson that is going to be one in September.

  7. alvina castro says

    I would be dressing my 3 almost 4 year old with winter clothes. A growing boy who needs some more leg room in his pants :)

  8. michele c says

    Oshkosh clothes are the BEST, I dressed my 3 kids in them & now my grandkids, Being from Oshkosh, it makes me proud!

  9. Amberdani says

    I can remember being so happy when my oldest was given OshKosh clothes when she was little, she’s 20 now. Now I am buying their clothes for my 4 year old son. He is picky for a 4 year old boy yet he loves the clothes.

  10. Tina says

    My 4 year old son! He just got his glasses and needs some new cloths for preschool. :) He loves picking out new shirts!

  11. maryann says

    Hi! I am taking my 5 yr old daughter who starts kindergarten soon back to school shopping! Next year when my twins turn three Ill start the tradition too of taking my girls bts shopping! Ill pick out for my son too! :)

  12. Tacy says

    I will be dressing two little girls who are going to be 3 and 1….We are in the military and are moving from Hawaii to Missouri….Meaning that we have no winter clothes what so ever being that both were born here in Hawaii….the 3 year old will be starting Pre-K/Daycare when we get there so taking her shopping to pick out some new winter clothes for “school” will definetly be an experience!

  13. Shahndra says

    With this win I would most likely coat both of my children for winter! My 7 year old daughter and my 5 year old son! Love your products!

  14. Rachel Breeze says

    I will be dressing my 3 1/2 year old if I win the gift card because I honestly love the clothes from Osh Kosh B Gosh.

  15. Cindy Morrow says

    I will be clothing my grandson who is 3 years old and my granddaughter who is 3 months old. I will use it for their Christmas presents.

  16. says

    I would love to use this for my two is starting 3rd grade..and one is a kindergartner…we love having some “girl time”..they love shopping and Osh Kosh clothes fit the ticket for all of us..amazingly durable and..VERY stylish…I have been buying Osh Kosh since 1997 when my first son was born..LOVE this brand!!!!!!!

  17. jennifer s says

    I will be dressing my little fashionista! Who is obsesses with clothes, shoes , and bows OH MY! Dressing a little girl is so much fun. She loves to pick out her own clothes, and prance around in them. She loves bright colors, which ofcourse OshKosh, is our favorite store to shop.

  18. joan says

    I will be buying gifts for my daughter in law to take to Brasil!!! We have already hit the Oshkosh outlet , we spent $195.00 but we saved 333.49!!!! Love Oshkosh, love the outlet even more!!!

  19. Stacy says

    I would take my two daughters shopping. I have one in pre-K and one in kindergarten. Things are tight this year so we weren’t able to do any back to school shopping. They could both use clothes, but even more so shoes.

  20. Aubrey says

    I would use it on my 8 month old son because I’ve already bought most of the girl’s section for my 5 year old who it starting Kindergarten :)

  21. Angela W. says

    My preschooler heads back to school next week and has magically outgrown all of his clothes within the last few weeks. Help! 😉

  22. Jennifer B. says

    I will be dressing my 4 year old girl and 8 year old boy. They both are growing like weeds! I love Osh Kosh clothes they always fit them well and are so cute!

  23. Linda Stewart says

    I have a skinny Minny grandson who requires jean is a slim size. The only place we’ve found that carries jean that will actually fit him is OshKosh. I would use this to cloth him for the winter!

  24. Melinda Dartmann says

    That would be my granddaughter Marissa…she would love all the bright colors and sparkles just like your daughters! Such girly girls aren’t they? LOL

  25. jennifer preciado says

    my cutie pie son (4yrs) old who just started preschool. with the card he’ll be stylish kid in town =)

  26. Kristen M. says

    I’d get something for my kids. They wear uniforms to school and rarely get to show off their non-school styles.

  27. Debbie R says

    We love Oshkosh. They hold up great for my 7 yr old son. They wash easily and take the roughness only a boy can dish out.

  28. Becky Grayson says

    I would use it on the girls. Girls need such a variety of clothing and they would go nuts over all the sparkly goodies!

  29. Lucy Schwartz says

    I would give this to our neighbor for her daughter. This neighbor is such a dear. She and her husband are always offering us a helping hand.

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