Tackle It Tuesday – Celebrating Small Accomplishments

I live in a big house…well, to me it’s big. Two stories, four bedrooms, 1.5 baths. Kitchen, dining room, living room and sunroom…plus the unfinished basement. The home we live in is over a century old, and has beautiful features…the character of the house is what sold me on it. Though we are still renters, we’re in the process of trying to buy. Cross your fingers.

The thing about a big house, is that when you are the only person who tends to the home, having a clean and presentable home is near impossible. Honestly, since the day we moved in, I can’t think of one single moment where I could honestly say all the house work is done. But from what I’m told…that’s they way it goes. A never ending cycle of laundry and sweeping, dishes and cooking. And when everyone else in the house leaves their little messes for you…it is truly an uphill battle.

So, instead of stressing over the mountain of laundry, or the pile of dishes, I have chosen to instead celebrate the small things that are accomplished. With a schedule like mine, small spurts is about all I can do when it comes to house work. So really, there is no alternative. A devoted day to housework means two days of catch up on everything else.

Today was one of those small accomplishment days.

For a few weeks now, my food cupboards have been bothering me. Un-eaten boxes of cereal taking up prime real estate, things thrown here and there…nothing where it ‘should’ be. So, as my hubby was taking on the dinner chore, I took on the cupboards. I have quite a few, and I only did two…the two that everyone digs in the most.

So here is my before, well, actually my ‘in the middle of’ picture:

Isn’t it just the most fabulous mess! Oh, and trying to clean with a toddler in toe…well, lets just say it would have taken me half the time if I didn’t have to fight every single box of cereal out of his hands first.

But here are the after shots. A clean counter top makes me grin from ear to ear….Not sure why. Though I think it has to do with crossing it off my to do list. Now dear hubby….oh and kids. Mess it up and you have the wrath of mom to contend with!

Oh, and the cupboards on the inside

Now, as I mentioned above…I like to celebrate these small accomplishments. So I’ll let you get to Tackling Your Tuesday while I relax with hubby and watch The Hunger Games.

Calling All Tacklers!

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  1. says

    I don’t know why my picture is just showing up as a black square, but the linky wouldn’t let me correct it or re-enter! Grumbles!

    Your tackle looks great! It bothers me when my pantry is a mess, but to do the whole thing is really a big job. Love your clearn countertops.

  2. says

    Hi Jen
    Great job! As a professional organizer i am always coming up with new ways to organize my kitchen( which is pretty small) but when the counters are clear it looks a whole lot bigger.
    I started early and went to IKEA on the w/end and bought containers to hang on my wall unit so i could create more counter space. (tried to download picture, i’m still learning my way around my new laptop)
    Hey Maybe that could be my next Tackle it Tuesday.LOL

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