How To Make Rice Krispies Treats…

…When You’re Four Years Old

How To Make Rice Krispies Treats

Step 1
Scoop a few spoonfuls of butter in a bowl – do not measure

Step 2
Dump all the marshmallows in the house in with the butter – do not measure

Step 3
Watch the marshmallows balloon up in the microwave

Step 4
Rub butter all over hands and glass baking dish

Step 5
Pour Rice Krispies into melted marshmallows and butter until Mom makes you stop

Step 6
Stir, stir, stir

Step 7
With hands, drop mixture into baking dish

How to make Rice Krispies Treats

Step 8
Do not allow to cool, eat immediately, by the handful.


Note: This recipe is not endorsed by or related in any way to the Kellogg’s company. If looking for the “grown up” version of Rice Krispies Treats, you can find that on their site.

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    • says

      I used to make them more often when my oldest was younger. We would often just make a very small batch – just enough for us to each have some. It was a fun, quick way to make a treat/dessert.

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