SafeMart – Protection for Your Home and Family (with Giveaway)

Before our big move, I lived in a neighborhood that had always been safe. It was in a prominent area where middle class people lived and also had condos where older couples lived. It seemed like the perfect neighborhood to live in.

However, a masked intruder began terrorizing our neighborhood one house at a time. It worried all the ladies who lived on the street, and I was especially nervous one December morning when I stepped out and saw a man’s footprints that led to my bedroom window where he had been hanging out the night before. I wanted some kind of protection to help me feel safe and secure.

When we moved to a new home, I got my first taste of having an alarm system and that was THE best feeling in the world. I went to bed at night with an added peace knowing that the police would be to my house in an instant if someone broke in.

We recently moved into another home that did not come with an alarm. I would have loved to take the one from our old house, but because the residence was a rental and the alarm was a wired alarm, it had to stay put. Now, thanks to SafeMart and LiveWatch Alarm Monitoring, I am now 100% protected again.

The two-way communication – microphone for emergencies made me feel safe knowing that if there was an emergency, I could use the panel immediately and easily to communicate with the central station and it would call the police or fire department.

I also felt really good about the Crash and Smash technology which guaranteed that even if an intruder smashed the security system, it would still send a signal to the central station alerting them to the emergency.

The system itself was also really easy to use. The Fire, Medical and Police buttons made it really obvious how I should notify the proper emergency personnel in the event of an emergency and the iPhone app and web interface made managing the system a breeze.

I wasn’t sure if I’d use the remote features, like the iPhone app, but being able to monitor my home in real-time has been one of my absolute favorite parts of having the SafeMart Alarm System. The interactive alarm monitoring service helps me to stay informed and control my alarm system remotely using an iPhone app and my computer.

About SafeMart:

SafeMart is America’s #1 choice for professional-grade home and commercial security solutions, with a focus on delighting customers. With roots in security going back more than 30 years, SafeMart’s exclusive Plug & Protect® technology provides custom security systems with easy wireless activation.

SafeMart sent me the GE Simon XTi to review. One thing I loved right off the bat is that I did not need anyone to come and install it for me. Being that it is wireless, installation was absolutely simple and effortless!

Inside the box, I found the monitor, the motion sensor, the image sensor, and the door sensors. Within an hour, my husband had it hooked up and ready to go! We didn’t need an installer and were able to place the system at our convenience.

Setting up your alarm system is a simple and easy process

When I decided on SafeMart for home security, a SafeMart security consultant called and made sure I understood all the options and the different functions that the system provided. Then, they helped me set up the system with all the right emergency contacts and settings for the system.  After that, it was shipped it to my front door. Each piece of the alarm system was labeled to help make installation really easy (like I said, less than an hour!).

After I received the alarm and my husband placed it in our home, a SafeMart installation specialist called to run a check on the work to make sure that it was properly installed and communicating with the central station. Then, we got a few days in “test mode” so that we had a few days to practice before completing the activation process.



The monitor is a touch screen which makes setting it easy and it has tons of extra functions. For example, on the monitor you can:

  • See weather reports right on your screen
  • See if a door or window is open or closed
  • With added options, you can even have it turn on your lights!
The website and the app have even more functionality.  I’m able to:

  • Arm and disarm my system from anywhere
  • Set up alerts and notifications for when people come in or out of my home
  • Use reminders to remind me to arm my system by a certain time
  • Receive images sent to my phone from the image sensor 

The system that I’m using is the Simon XTi. It combines all the great home security features with the convenience of a touch screen making it really easy to use.

The Simon XTi sells for $299, but for now, it is on sale for only $199 with the end of the summer special sale going on and the monthly monitoring is between $10 and $40 compared to most home security companies which offer monitoring for $60+.

While price is no object when I know I am protected from intruders trying to harm my family, SafeMart offers really low pricing.  They only ask for a 1-year contract (compared to the normal 3-5 year contract), their monitoring prices are lower than anyone else’s who offer their level of service and there are no gimmicks or tricks when it comes to the equipment pricing.

Enter to win a Simon XTi

One lucky winner is going to get a completely customized GE Simon XTi home security system complete with:

  • Touchscreen interface system
  • Wireless communicator
  • iPhone, iPad or Android App
  • 4 door and window sensors
  • 1 wireless image sensor
  • 1 pet immune motion detector
  • 1 month of LiveWatch Alarm Monitoring

Just use the Rafflecopter form below to enter this giveaway. New to Rafflecopter? Watch this 45-second video on how to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was sent a Simon XTi from SafeMart in order to write my review. All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Jeremy says

    I actually currently have the old GE Simon, and would love to upgrade that one by integrating this one into my system. I just found out about it last night and was amazed by all of the features it has. It would also be nice for when we sleep, as the old GE Simon, has lights that stay on 24/7 without turning off, on the new GE Simon X TI, you should be able to make the front panel sleep, which would obviously get rid of the lights coming from it.

  2. Jessica Beard says

    We live in a fairly safe neighborhood, but recently a few cars and garages have been broken into. I would love this!

  3. Linda says

    We have had our cars broken into~ which makes me nervous that our home will be next. When we built our home we put all the wiring in for a home security system but never seem to have found the money to finish the project, I am afraid that we won’t finish it till something happens :( which is sad.

  4. Tabathia B says

    The area we moved to about 2 years ago has seen an increase in crime and the townhouses across the parking lot have seen two break in and an armed robbery

  5. Victoria R. says

    Not in our new neighborhood – thank heavens! But yes, our neighbors were robbed in our last neighborhood!

  6. Anne Lehnick says

    Our home has been broken into twice. We live in a rural area, so the neighbors are not close by. We had an alarm that wasn’t armed the first time we were broken into. They took everything we had of value including every piece of jewelry I ever had (except my wedding ring and a pair of earrings I was wearing). The second time – almost a year later – the alarm was armed and they broke my back door, entered the living room thereby setting off the motion detector and piercing sirens, then hastily retreated and were caught by the sheriff’s office breaking into another home that day. Our alarm now needs to be replaced and we need a new monitoring company, so we really could use this prize!

  7. K.Pugh says

    We live in a busy downtown neighborhood after living in a town of 45 people for many years. Yes there is more crime than I’d like to admit here.
    Thanks for the chance.

  8. Candice Hull says

    This neighborhood, yes, many crimes. This is our 8th move in 9 years. My husband is in retail and gets moved around a lot. He also works long hours, so it’s just me and the kids home many days. I never fully feel safe.
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  9. Dwayne Berry says

    We live next door to a police officer, so I feel fairly comfortable, but I have heard that there have been break-ins in our neighborhood.

  10. Shannon Hamner says

    I would love to have this security system. We live out in the country and sometimes have strange people stopping by. Not having close neighbors, it worries me that something could happen. This would make me feel so much safer.

  11. Sarah Hirsch says

    the only crime i am aware of in my neighborhood was my neighbor who had expensive jewelry stolen during a party her daughter was having in the house

  12. sarah keel says

    we live in a very small community, but we do have a lot of burglaries and thefts. i would feel so much safer having something like this in my home i have 2 children both who are very young.

  13. says

    Yes, just recently someone broke into our next door neighbors home. Just last night someone broke into my car while it was outside of my house.

  14. Holly says

    Yes, a couple breakins and a meth lab across the street found 2 days scary, and we live in a good neighborhood!

  15. Marti Parks says

    Yes. My Mom lives next door to me and her home was broken into while she was away. Some family keepsakes that can never be replaced were taken, my family was devastated.

  16. Eileen says

    Yes, many people around us have had their homes and cars broken into. Most were several years ago, but was very scary considering the kids are at an age where we THINK they can be home alone sometimes.

  17. Kelley F says

    Yes, we had a peeping tom in our backyard who even knocked on the window when he saw I was in the house by myself.

  18. Danielle says

    I have had my car broke into a couple of times and someone keeps stealing my solar lights out in front of my house.

  19. Jessica Epps says

    Yes, my husbands truck was broken into in his driveway. His laptop, portable XM radio and briefcase were all left in the truck, however they stole his pistol. A few days later it was found at a pawn shop.

  20. vera says

    We just bought our house 2 months ago and have not experienced any crime. Would love to win this to feel prepared.

  21. Debbie C says

    Yes, there have been on my street. For the first time in 20 years there was a rash of break-ins, so I would really appreciate this system.

  22. Seamus says

    Yes, there have a been a string of break in’s by barbarous vandals. That’s why I’m entering in the raffle!

  23. says

    In my neighborhood yes, there has been break ins to other houses and it’s so scary to even think about that!. I’m about to be a mom and i wouldn’t want to go through that ever.

  24. says

    YEs once they robbed things from inside the car from driveaway and went into garage but door was locked other to inside of house so they only took very minor things thankfully.

  25. Beth says

    Yes, there were several daytime break-ins in the neighborhood recently (an organized theft ring that was caught), and also a stolen car abandoned right in front of our house.

  26. Chelsea M says

    We actually had something stolen out of one of our cars just last night. Luckily, someone on the block saw and called the cops and they were able to catch the guy, get the item back, and take care of everything.

  27. says

    Yes! Someone broke into our neighbor’s basement this summer. And, someone stole my son’s bike right out of our neighbor’s front yard.

  28. Candice Russell says

    My husband and I were robbed once, when we were at work. Totally violating! they even took the time to go through our wedding album.

  29. Ericka says

    Yes, A few of my neighbors had their vehicle’s broken into, also we had a couple bikes stolen that has never been found.

  30. Jamie Brigham says

    Cars have been broken into in my neighborhood but what concerns me the most is that we live in an area with a low crime rate for our roads and just recently our McDonald’s was robbed at gunpoint around 3 a.m. I mean my area is so trustworthy that our McDonald’s and our shell gas stations stay open 24 hrs.

  31. T Alexander says

    Yes, we’ve been burglarized before. Having a home security system would make us feel more secure, for sure.

  32. melissa Resnick says

    yes last yr during the hurricane there was a crazy man running around the neib. after he justkilled two people ,

  33. Kelli A says

    Yes, last March my home was burglarized. We were gone for twenty minutes and came back to a house less all of its electronics. They were very thorough in a very brief time.

  34. Richard Hicks says

    Our neighbor had their home broken into while they were at work last year

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  35. carol lewis says

    Yes, a neighbor just had a front door kicked in and they had a deadbolt, so my hubby just installed a security door in front. I still would love a security system, though.

  36. Melissa VandenBerg says

    We have…..there has been some domestic issues with some neighbors. Such a sad ….

    bergiejrfhe at yahoo dot com

  37. Jessica Bittke says

    There was a neighbor that was robbed before we moved to the neighborhood. I have 8 children and even though we live in a pretty safe area, I’d feel much more comfortable with a system like this in place.

  38. Christina says

    Yes, amazingly I was mugged at the side of my house (although I don’t think the mugger knew it was my house, he’d just seen me walking up the street).
    He was trying to get my canvas bag off my shoulder, which only had my ID and 20 dollars in it! He pushed me to the ground. It was winter, and I reached into my pocket and took out a black mitten and pretended that it was a cell phone and told him he should run away NOW because I was calling the police! For a fraction of a second he tried to decided whether to run or stay on (or hit me), and then he ran. My wits got me out of this one!

  39. Deborah Hogue says

    Yes, someone broke into my husbands jeep and stole his stereo system, we live right by the railroad tracks and see quite a few transients in our neighborhood.

  40. melina r says

    yes, there have been several crimes in my neighborhood, my mom’s friend’s son was shot near by and there was once a stand off between cops and a person just down the street.

  41. Joseph says

    Yes, we have had a crime in our neighborhood. Our neighbor has been broken into twice and another had their boat stolen from their driveway.

  42. susan smoaks says

    we have had neighbor’s whose houses have been broken into, it’s a nice area, but crime happens everywhere!

  43. says

    Normally a quiet neighborhood, but recently we had a night of major vandalism. 12 of the 14 houses were hit. Either cars, mailboxes, houses or windows. We were one of the ones lucky enough to get all 4. They spray painted our truck and car with profanity, spray painted our house, busted a car window and spray painted our mailbox. They did over $400,000 in damage to the neighborhood.

  44. Christopher R says

    pretty safe neighborhood here – but it’s changing just like everything else these days it seems … this would be great for some added peace of mind … thanks !

  45. Jennifer Peaslee says

    We just moved into our first home, so I’d love to win this! So far there have been no crimes that I know of, but in in our last place (a rental) my husband had his bike stolen once.

  46. Beth Palacios says

    I live in a rough neighborhood. It’s not ideal, but in order to get into our first home we had to make some sacrafices and location ended up being one of them. Extra security would be awesome!

  47. Christy Weller says

    Yes, Someone broke into a home a few places down from us in our old neighborhood. We moved shortly after and was glad we did, because a couple weeks later after we moved, the home we lived in was broke into and the window they got in through was my daughters nursery at one time.

  48. Laurie Emerson says

    Yes. There have been burglaries in our neighborhood so I am extra careful about being outside and looking up the house as tight as I can.

  49. Vicki D. says

    We live on a cul-de-sac, and it’s very safe, but there still has been some vandalism with cars. Once a few years back, there was a high speed chase! I guess the young male driver turned onto the wrong street. He didn’t realize ours is a dead end.

  50. Aimee Fontenot says

    Yep, we have crime here in my neighborhood, but not very often. Someone just recently tried to break in my house (unsuccessfully, thank goodness!).

  51. heather c says

    Yes, we have. Tons. In fact, the more upscale part of the neighborhood gets lots more robberies and several of my friends have been hit. It’s disgusting!

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