Dove Gives You the Confidence You Need For All Day Protection

by Jennifer Sikora

Jennifer here-

When I was in high school, I was on the Color Guard team. I was 16 and had just discovered boys and the importance of making sure I smelled like a girl and not a sweat factory. Being on the Color Guard team meant that we spent many hours in the hot sun practicing and performing. I used deodorant regularly, but did not realize that the one I was using was wearing off so quickly, until my girlfriends complained about my not so great smelling odor.

It was one of the most embarrassing moments in my life as a teenager.

Now that I am older, I make it a point to find products that give me that protection I definitely need — and that product is Dove Clinical Protection.

(Aside from extreme climate or strenuous activity) there are many times when women need a clinical strength deodorant, such as special occasions, stressful situations and when traveling.

Did you know?

  • ­ 64% of women say it is important that they have the strongest possible deodorant protection.
  • ­ Popular occasions for usage are during a special occasion (57%), when speaking in public (52%), while on a date or out with friends (44%) and while traveling (35%).
  • Only 23% of women see themselves using a clinical strength deodorant every day, but 43% would purchase a clinical strength deodorant if it offered skin care benefits.

About Dove Clinical Protection

  • Only Dove Clinical Protection (Anti-Perspirant)/Deodorant combines the powerful (odor and wetness) protection women need while caring for skin 3 ways– (1) Moisturization, (2) Gentle on skin, (3) Soothes after shaving.
  • Less irritating than the leading prescription-strength anti-perspirant/deodorant.
  • Offers prescription strength wetness protection with the maximum level of active ingredient available without a prescription (20%)
  • Provides powerful 24-hour odor and wetness protection, allowing women to feel confident and self-assured
  • Unlike other clinical strength deodorants, does not contain aluminum chloride or alcohols which can cause skin irritation and discomfort
  • Dermatologist recommended formula

I love the fact that Dove Clinical Protection is the only clinical strength deodorant on the market that has 1/4 quarter moisturizers and Vitamins E and F. Because of these added elements, it makes your underarms smoother and provides great moisture!

Dove Clinical Protection comes in a variety of fragrances — Original Clean which gives you a light andclean scent, Soothing Chamomile – a Citrus scent with notes of orange blossom, chamomile and delicate lily of the valley, Rebalance – Plum and sakura blossom scent, Revive – Pomegranate and lemon verbena scent, Cool Essentials – Cucumber and green tea scent, and Clear Tone Skin Renew – Formulated with calendula and sunflower seed extracts to help restore skin to its natural tone.

Visit the Dove Facebook page and share your personalized image of Beauty + Strength. While you are there, be sure and enter the contest because you and a friend could be enjoying a wonderful vacation!

This post is part of a promotional campaign with Dove Clinical Protection. All opinions listed are 100% ours.

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