Paper and Polka Dots Ladybug Backpack Review and Giveaway

My kids love backpacks. I don’t know what it is about them, but they love having as many as possible. And they never seem to run out of items to fill them up with.

We recently received a backpack from Paper and Polka Dots for review, and it is just too stinkin’ cute!

paper and polka dots

Paper and Polka Dots carries a great selection of backpacks for kids of all ages. We received the Ladybug Zoo Packs Little Kid Backpack by Skip Hop.

zoo_packs_little_kid_backpacks_ladybug paper and polka dots

This Ladybug Zoo Packs Little Kid Backpack by Skip Hop is the little kid backpack where “fun meets function!” Whimsical details and durable materials make this the perfect on-the-go pack for kids on-the-go!

Easily holds all the supplies your preschooler might need for a busy day of “work” and play, and the mesh side pocket adjusts to fit a juice box, sippy cup or water bottle. The front insulated pouch is ideal for snacks and includes extra pocket for pencils and other travel necessities. Comfy padded straps go easy on little shoulders, and to help the Zoo Pack stay with its keeper, there’s a handy write-on nametag inside!

Made of BPA-free, Phthalate-free & PVC free materials. Zoo Pack measures approximately 11.5″ x 12″ x 5″.

Isn’t it just the cutest little thing? It makes me want a purse like it. I love ladybugs!

Keep in mind that this is a preschool backpack, so while cute, it’s not functional as a school bag for my 9 year old daughter. But she assured me it wouldn’t go to waste. I think it’s already full of art supplies.

Ages 3-5 would be the most appropriate for the Paper and Polka Dot preschool backpacks. But they have many, many others to choose from as well for older kids. All with incredibly adorable, brightly colored designs. Another great thing is that they can be personalized. So not only do they have a cute backpack, they will have their name on it to make it extra special!

You can find Paper and Polka Dots on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. Be sure and follow them for product updates and specials!

Win a Ladybug Zoo Packs Little Kid Backpack by Skip Hop from Paper and Polka Dots

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  1. says

    I don’t have school aged kids yet but when I was younger my back pack ended wherever I dropped it. Usually in the family room.
    If I win I want to give this to my niece who is going to her first year of preschool.

  2. Richelle says

    I don’t know yet. This will be my child’s first year in pre-school. Hopefully they will get in a good habit.

  3. Cheryl Rahkonen says

    I have a coat rack that hangs on the wall and they hang their backpacks, purses, and coats on this rack.

  4. Nikki says

    if they have homework then at the bottom of the steps until it is done if not or if completed then in their rooms near the door with all of tomorrows necessities ready to go

  5. Jamie Brigham says

    Backpacks are scattered in my house, I’ve tried to get them to leave them at the door with no luck lol

  6. kimbuckjr says

    My daughter’s backpack is thrown immediately on the floor as we walk through the front door. Ugh, it’s very aggravating!

  7. Eileen says

    We have a very small house with no real entrance and no hooks for them, so the bags have to be taken to the kitchen table for study time, then back to the kid’s rooms when dinner is on. Then BACK to the table for study, and BACK to their rooms for bedtime. my gosh, are some of those books HEAVY they have to pack.

  8. says

    We have a designated hook for backpacks/jackets to go when we get home. Although, our girls prefer to just throw things wherever they want when they get home we do our best to get them to hang them up neatly ;o)

  9. cindy Melo says

    My daughter is four and uses her backpack for coloring book and crayons to take with her. She would love this

  10. Melissa P. says

    My son leaves his in the living room. Then I go through it to make sure all homework was done and to sign his daily journal. Then I put it in the kitchen for the morning routine.

  11. Brooke R. says

    Last year we had to designate a place just inside the front door. Otherwise we would lose our minds looking for them in the morning.

  12. Anita Sears says

    They leave them in the kitchen, on the floor. I have a place, but they never end up there unless I put them there, lol!

  13. Shannon F. says

    They end up right in front of the door on the floor but there is a designated spot for them in the coat closet.

  14. says

    We have a designated spot which is by the door but unfortunately they just take it off and put it anywhere! I’m trying to teach them, they are still little though, youngest is 3 but still! lol

  15. Becky Grayson says

    After homework is done the backpacks are stacked by the front door. This way there is no frantic looking for the homework papers or the backpacks. With four to get to school we have to have organization or I would lose my sanity.

  16. Beth Willis says

    We have hooks that the kids are supposed to hang their backpacks up on when they come in the house but they normally get thrown on the floor.

  17. Emilee says

    We have a closet designated for all fo the different bags that the kids use, including backpacks, dance class bags, and awana bags.

  18. Cindy Merrill says

    My granddaughter carries hers around everywhere- even tried to sneak in a baby skunk she found near our sheds: Her parents had a hard time explaining to her why the baby skunk was not a “pet”.

  19. Missy L says

    We have hooks with everyone’s name on them right by our front door. There’s a hook for a backpack and a hook for a jacket for each person.

  20. Darcey says

    They usually bring them into the kitchen where they do their homework, but then the are not always placed by the front door where they should be.

  21. Jennifer Chiafalo says

    They either shove them in the shoe closet or drop them on the bench in the living room, open with everything falling out.

    5 year olds are classy.

  22. melina r says

    when they come home they scatter them between the living room and the kitchen, at the end of the day they hang them in their rooms on hooks specifically placed for the backpacks

  23. Tanya White says

    We do have a designed space, we have stairs enclosed by a door leading to our upstairs and there are coat hooks where they hang their book bags and coats.

  24. Jennifer Peaslee says

    My nieces and nephews dont go to school yet, but some will start next year…not sure where they’ll put their bag

  25. Jenny says

    My kids leave them in the mudroom when entering the house…they would probable leave it there if I didn’t remind them to do their homework!

  26. Laurie Emerson says

    My husband make a pegboard for the front hall and there is a peg with a name above each one. They put them on the pegs when they come home and after they are done with them, homework etc. they put them back on the pegs so they know where to find them in the morning.
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

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