Lasko Twist-Top Tower Fan (Review and Giveaway)

It’s summer in Chicago. This year, it’s hot and humid and miserable. The Lasko Twist-Top Tower fan makes everything much more bearable, however.

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I’m not a huge air conditioning fan – no pun intended. I don’t crank the temperature way down, but this year things have been tough because it’s been far hotter than normal. While I do my best to stay cool by not cooking inside and by keeping my blinds closed as much as possible, my air conditioner is still having a hard time keeping up. Fortunately, I have a portable and effective solution.

The Lasko Twist-Top Tower Fan is tiny. When I first heard “tower’ I was expecting something a few feet tall. Instead this oscillating fan is just over a foot tall, but it does just fine for me. I love that it is so simple, actually. It comes fully assembled – a plus for me – and has just two buttons. One button turns it on and reduces the speed as you keep pressing it, and the other turns the oscillation on and off. Brilliant, no? Interestingly, the tower is split into two sections, one atop the other. You can move them so that they blow the same way at the same time or twist them in different directions so a wider area is covered by the breeze.


I placed it near my feet as I worked, and it kept me very comfortable. The breeze wasn’t so strong that it disturbed the items on my desk as I worked, but it did plenty to keep me from having to take a break to stand in front of the open fridge. And since I sometimes have it on the floor to keep my feet and legs cool, I’m happy that the fan blades are completely contained within the housing of the fan. There is no worry that my cats or that the wee ones are going to get fingers stuck, something I not so proudly admit I did as a child.

And yes, this fan truly is portable. It’s really light and compact, so I can put this room fan anywhere. I have moved it around several times, from my desk to the kitchen to the family room and more. The little handle in back to carry it around just makes it that much easier. It really encourages me to just move the fan around with me rather than having a fan in each room.

I have several different fans I use, but none is a desk top fan because the ones I’ve seen before tend to be too noisy or they don’t oscillate. For $30, I love what Lasko has come up with for their new room fan. It’s relatively quiet, so I’m not distracted by the noise, and for as little air as it blows on the lower speeds, it’s really effective. Even better? Lasko claims that you can run the fan for less than $0.02 per hour. Now that’s worth exploring!

Visit the Lasko webpage to learn more about them and their quality electric fans, and visit Lasko on Facebook to keep up with current news and promotions.

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  1. Cheryl Rahkonen says

    In my computer room. I want a fan that doesn’t blow me and everything else away but still effective enough to be beneficial. This fan may just do the trick.

  2. Margaret Smith says

    We spend most of our time in our family room, so I would use this in there if I won. Thanks so much.

  3. Jamie Brigham says

    It would be beneficial in our living room, I am always a little too warm in there and could use the extra air.

  4. mickeyfan says

    In the bedroom. Not only do I have “flashes” at night, but am a very light sleeper, so the white noise provided by a fan is helpful too.



  6. Eileen says

    We would use in our living room, which our daughter is using as the main part of a day care. It would be perfect on the desk right by the garden window to bring in some fresh air to the babies. Often, the ac has gotten too expensive to run all day, so the fan would be so nice to circulate. Plus, you know, it might help with the “baby smells” that are just part of life:)

  7. Beth says

    It would be great in my home office, where I sit at the computer every day. I don’t have a fan in here right now and it can get hot on warmer days.

  8. Gaye M says

    This would be great in our sunroom where we have lots of windows but the seating is spread out around a large area.

  9. Amber Porter says

    In my 16 year old’s bedroom, he is always hot, although there is a ceiling fan we figured we would have to get another one to cool in the other direction.

  10. Lisa Fonseca says

    In my bedroom. The hubby hogs the one we have now, so this one would face both of us.

    lisando at

  11. carol lewis says

    This would be for my daughter’s house. She keeps it so hot to save money on AC and it kills me. The kitchen gets hot right away even just boiling something and then the DR and LR get hotter and hotter. She needs a fan to get the air pushed thru from the bedrooms because that stays cool.

  12. Tiffany Hearn says

    I would use this in my bedroom because I love sleeping in a cold room. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  13. Mallory Roberts says

    This would be most beneficial in my bedroom. I never sleep without a fan and it’s about time to retire my old one. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  14. clynsg says

    This would go into my kitchen. I have west-facing windows, and on really hot days, the AC and shades just don’t handle all the heat.

  15. Angi Aveyard says

    My daughter would love this in her room. She’s has Cystic Fibrosis so she has hot flashes at night and sleeps with a small fan now but it doesn’t work that well. So this fan is much needed and would be used daily.

  16. heather c says

    I would put this by my chair. The TV we use really heats up the room, so having a slight breeze would be appreciated.

  17. Susan Marina Brown Lane says

    It would be beneficial at my desk! It gets really warm and I have really needed something there! =)

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