Back to School with Senokot and a Kindle Touch Giveaway

Not many of us like to talk about constipation, but it’s a common problem. According to Senokot, “more than 4 million Americans have issues with constipation.” And if you’re one of them, you want fast relief. Senokot provides just that. Made with a natural vegetable ingredient, Senna, it also provides gentle relief.

Offered in these products:

  • Senokot-S- used for constipation caused by medications
  • Senokot To Go – travel sized packages
  • Senokot – the original laxative
  • SenokotXTRA – double strength tablets

senokot products

To help raise awareness about the “burden” of occasional constipation, on September 6, the Senokot® Brand will install a 20’ pill bottle in Penn Station to drive home the point that certain medications can cause occasional constipation, and to let you know there is relief for this condition.

Be sure and enter the Senokot®/ Senokot-S® Overnight Relief Sweepstakes on-site at Penn Station, and you will be able to get your picture taken on the red carpet with the “Giant Bottle,” and share it with friends and family via social media.

About the Senokot Overnight Relief Sweepstakes

For more information on the Senokot®/Senokot®-S Overnight Relief Sweepstakes, and the Giant Bottle event at Penn Station, visit and follow it on Twitter @SenokotSweeps.

The sweepstakes begins August 12, 2012, and runs through November 11, 2012. Consumers are invited to enter the sweepstakes daily online via a special promotional website ( or offline by mailing their contact information to Senokot®/ Senokot-S® Overnight Relief, P.O. Box 724, Southport, CT 06890. The sweepstakes will run for 13 weeks in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, with a total of $50,000 in prizes given by the end of the promotion period. Winners will be selected randomly on a daily basis. Prizes include Hyatt Hotel gift cards, Phillips 22” flat-screen TVs, iPod Nanos, Kindle Touches, and more.

NOW: Enter to win a Kindle Touch 3G!

For our month of Back To School Giveaways, Senokot is sponsoring the giveaway of a Kindle Touch 3G (retail value $149)!

Just use the Rafflecopter form below to enter this giveaway. New to Rafflecopter? Watch this 45-second video on how to enter!

This is just one of our giveaways running every day in August for our Back To School Giveaway 2012. Please see the main Back To School Giveaway 2012 page for a full list of daily giveaways.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are those of the author.


  1. Deanna says

    Me! I have the Kindle for PC on my computer but it would be awesome to actually have a Kindle to throw in my purse and not be tied down by a laptop and electric connection.

  2. Wendy says

    I would use it mostly but would be willing to share with my 4 year old & download some of her favorite books when we are traveling. :)

  3. Meghan Peters says

    I would use it and so would my daughter. We love to read & I could download books a lot cheaper than pay for them at school as well.

    Thank you for the chance.

  4. Sandra Moreta says

    I will be using it! My brother bought the original kindle and it’s proven really useful, especially for school and textbooks! And I love to read but hate having to carry a large book everywhere in addition to the ones on my schoolbag! So I’d really love to win this!

  5. Margaret Smith says

    I would mostly use this for myself, but I would try to get my son, who has some problems reading, to use it too.
    Thanks so much.

  6. Denece Checketts says

    I would love to have one. I have wanted one for a long time. My husband and I share the computer we have and it would be wonderful to have some other device to use.

  7. John Grist says

    This would be awesome for e books for college instead of getting the actual books and it’s cheaper for e books.

  8. Jen says

    I would use it!! :) I have three children….. used to read all the time but they are slowly getting older and I can get back to reading!!! I would love to get a kindle to hold all my books together! I have been wanting a Kindle but I wanted to prove I would use it before buying one! :) So I proved to myself in the last 2 months by reading 4 books! :)

  9. Richelle says

    It would be me. Maybe my husband would on his business trips on the airplane, but moslty me. I’m the reader :)

  10. Selene M. says

    I would use the Kindle. Since our home is our RV, this product is the simple way to carry a library of books with me.

  11. Jason Crooks says

    My daughter has been asking for a Kindle so I would give it to her, but would probably use it myself a bit also.

  12. Tamra H says

    I would definitely use this! It would be great to bring this to work to read during lunch, better than hauling books around!

  13. Eileen says

    I would guess my husband use it when he travels so much. If not, I’d gift to my mom who reads at least 5 books a week. She is running out of books she hasn’t read in her town’s library…she has lived there just short of 3 years and seriously has read SO many of the books! LOL!


  14. says

    My daughter and I love to read so we could share it. I would love to see my son find an interest in reading due to the Kindle. He loves electronics and maybe he would be more interested in reading off a Kindle. I’m a lover of holding a book in my hand and flipping pages, however I would like to read in public without anyone knowing what I read as well.

  15. says

    I am an avid reader and have been wanting to make the switch to a digital reader…especially now that my local library system allows for the check-out of ebooks.

  16. Michelle S says

    I would give this to my husband bc I cracked the screen on his iPad with a weight (accidentally of course lol)

  17. Laura P. says

    I would use it. I had a kindle but it recently just stopped working. I had it awhile and used it all the time and would love a new one.

  18. Luke Frazier says

    I would use it constantly! Love reading, and my library lends out free books digitally without leaving the house.

  19. Susan Robison says

    As the mother of five kids, I’m not usually accused of being selfish. Everything is all about the kids, right? But when it comes to winning a Kindle, I’m as selfish as a two year old. MINE, MINE MINE!!!!

  20. Nica says

    I would be the one using a Kindle in our house. I LOVE ebooks and I really need to stop reading them off my iPhone! (my poor eyes!)

  21. JD Blosser says

    Try to get my mother to use it, she needs it if she is going to keep reading but not easy to get her to use technology.

  22. Alex Woodman says

    Mostly me, the only other people who might use it would be my younger sisters, though I don’t think they will. I would use it for textbooks and reading for pleasure.

  23. Geoff K says

    My mom would love a Kindle, I’m sure – she’s an avid reader and always is on the go, so I’d love to surprise her with it!

  24. says

    I would use the kindle touch! Mine broke a couple months ago and we haven’t been able to afford a replacement, and amazon doesn’t fix them! My husband is also in Seminary so he would use it as well for all his reading. :)

  25. Katie R says

    I would use it to keep up with my college school work when I’m traveling. It would also be easier to carry around than a laptop.

  26. Tanya White says

    Most likely I would use it the most since My favorite past time is reading but i will allow any of my 5 children to use it when ever they want to since I encourage them to read as much as they can.

  27. michael atchison says

    That would be me. I’m the bookworm of the family. I think this would be so cool to be able to have so many books in one little device. WoW…

  28. Trisha McKee says

    My daughter would use this for school- she has to read a lot of books and the convenience of the Kindle would be such a huge help!

  29. SHEILA tf says

    Hi, I tweeted again today, but on each of your giveaways that I entered, there does not seem to be entries counted toward previous tweets…am I doing something wrong?

  30. Becky Grayson says

    I would use it and I would share it with the grandchildren. I try to encourage them to read and if letting them use the kindle will get them to read I will gladly share it.

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