Shop Kohl’s for All Your Back to School Needs ($100 Giftcard Giveaway)

Jennifer here-

My absolute favorite store to shop is Kohl’s. I had never stepped foot in a Kohl’s until I went shopping for my trip to New York. My best friend told me that this is where I would find lots of great mega deals, and you know what? She wasn’t kidding!

shop kohl's for back to school

Right now, Kohl’s has some fabulous Back to School Savings going on. The sale is good until August 23rd. Pick up items like

  • backpacks (20-40% off)
  • desks (15% off)
  • student bedding (40-50% off)
  • clothing (20% off)

Visit the Kohl’s website today and grab your favorite Back to School items. Shipping right now is only .99 for each item and you can score an extra 20% off on kids apparel with the code LIBRARY20. Be sure and watch for the Kohl’s cash promo as well. That can score you an extra $10 for every $50 you spend.

Want some Kohl’s cash to go shopping with?

One lucky reader is going to get their chance to win a $100 Kohl’s gift card. Just use the Rafflecopter form below to enter this giveaway. New to Rafflecopter? Watch this 45-second video on how to enter!

This is just one of our giveaways running every day in August for our Back To School Giveaway 2012. Please see the main Back To School Giveaway 2012 page for a full list of daily giveaways.

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  1. Ellen says

    I went to Kohl’s for the first time this weekend, needed job interview clothes. Saw things I wanted but only got what I absolutely needed.

  2. Elisabethrak says

    Was just on the Kohl’s website yesterday looking for back to school clothes for my 3 kids and had no problem filling the cart… just couldn’t check out … so would love to win this :)!!!

  3. says

    This is the 1st year of HS for my oldest son AND the 1st year he doesn’t have to wear uniforms so I’d love to spoil & surprise him w/a little shopping! Thanks for the chance.

  4. Margaret Smith says

    I would buy my kids some fall clothing for back to school. Pants, shirts, light jackets.
    Thanks so much.

  5. says

    I have a middle school boy and Kohl’s is the only place I shop for his skinny jeans, tee shirts and black Nike socks. Sure hope I win this card cuz this dude is costing me a fortune! :)

  6. Jessica says

    I would try and find some sheet sets for my boys…hoping to get them “big boy beds” (twin beds) in the next couple of weeks. Or decorations for the house. Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. says

    I would buy new bedding for my husband and me. That’s something I hate to spend money on, for some reason, but we could really use a fresh look.

  8. says

    My first grader to be needs some new jeans and couple new shirts and I bet I could even sneak in a new pair of sneakers too!! Thanks for the chance win! I love Kohl’s

  9. Mary W says

    I would buy clothes with as many discounts as I could stack and then donate them to our local battered women’s shelter.

  10. Kassie Harris says

    I would split the $100 and go on a little shopping trip with my Mom so we could spend some quality time together and pick up some new clothes for the fall.

  11. Laura Jacobson says

    I would buy Carter some new clothes. He outgrew all his 2T’s from last fall and we need to get him all new clothes for fall. And…he just outgrew his shoes too! LOL…oh they grow so fast!

  12. John Stetson says

    This would be for my wife since Kohls is her favorite store. She could spend it in an instant and when she’s happy I’m happy.

  13. Stacey B says

    I’d use it to buy as each an outfit, with the exception of my oldest son. He doesnt need clothes, but prob a pair of shoes

  14. mickeyfan says

    Would love some new pillows for the bed, a couple of wedding shower presents and something for the grandbaby!

  15. says

    I’m actually finished buying my kids school clothes for now. I buy them several outfits in August and then we go shopping again in about October for more cold weather stuff. That’s what I would end up using this card on.

  16. Lisa Ellis says

    Clothes and undergarments – 2 things i really haven’t bought myself much of since i had my son 3 yrs ago (nursing bras don’t count!).

  17. Richelle says

    Hopefully fins a new comforter set on clearance and pair it with their 5 off coupons . Wishful thinking or what?!

  18. Eloise Carlson says

    I would get the girls school clothes and supplies. Thanks so much for hosting this great giveaway!


  19. Julie Stevens says

    I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for the past 5 years. My son is now entering kindergarten, and I am now job-searching. I’d love to to get an outfit (or 3 or 4… I’m a GOOD shopper) to prepare for a new job!


  20. Joni Mason says

    My twin great nephews and my great niece could really use new clothes for back to school. Thanks SO much for the giveaway!!!

  21. says

    I’d buy back to school clothes for my growing children! And the deals are so great, I might be able to sneak in something for myself with $100.

  22. KATHY says

    i would defiently buy clothes for the whole family we are on a strict budget. We have only been to goodwill over the last year for clothes for both kids. this would help us

  23. Danielle says

    My youngest daughter needs a new bedset so I would spend the money redoing her room. Kohl’s has great stuff for the home!

  24. Stephanie Wolfe says

    I can’t tell you the amount of clothes I could get with $100 from Kohl’s. I recently went and had two coupons for $10, one off of nothing, and the other off of $50. I walked out of Kohl’s with 2 dresses for my 4 year old, a pair of Filia shoes for one of my twins, a bra for me, a Dad frame for my father’s birthday, a pair of earrings for my sister in law and a pair of shorts for my oldest son. All for $32 including tax!!!! Kohls is awesome

  25. Christine Roeske says

    Um, can mommy get some new clothes to drop the kiddos off at school? Does that count for back-to-school shopping! 😉

  26. Jamie Brigham says

    I would buy my son a fall wardrobe, he has outgrown all of his 18 month clothing and needs 24 mos/2T.

  27. says

    I would buy clothes and shoes for my daughter since we weren’t able to get her much before school started last week. (A large and unexpected car repair came up right before school began)

  28. ANGEL JACKLYN says


  29. Eileen says

    My 15 year old son grew ANOTHER 2 inches this spring/summer. He is in need of jeans that are not ankle waders. :) My tween needs socks, undies and bras, and a few jeans. She has grown out of most of her shorts and jeans this summer. Geesh…when a girl hits “that age” they really take off in growth! It’s killing us!

  30. says

    My daughter is the youngest cousin of five girls, all of whom have great taste. She loves her hand-me-down clothes and treats those boxes like a shopping extravaganza. BUT. I’d love to get her some not-hand-me-downs every once in awhile and the budget only rarely permits it. Birthday shopping spree? She’d die and go to heaven.

  31. Christine says

    New shoes for my “super picky about fit” 7 year girl and my “just starting to get into fashion” 12 year old girl.

  32. Renee R. says

    I LOVE Kohl’s. They have great prices on clothing for my kids. That’s what I would get , back to school clothes.

  33. says

    Hello, I would probably buy Christmas presents with it but, I can’t ignore their clearance racks and probably will pick something up for myself. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  34. Lynn says

    I have never shopped at Kohls, I haven’t even seen a store. But I heard they have nice clothing. so clothes!

  35. Marlen says

    I would buy clothes for my kiddos for school since my husband didn’t have a job this summer and funds are scarce. Thanks!

  36. says

    My oldest daughter (age 5…almost six!) is in need of some new playclothes – skorts, shorts, and tees.

    Kohl’s would be the perfect place to take her on a mini shopping spree!

  37. Lisa R says

    I have only recently found a great selection of womens clothing there, so I would buy some winter clothing for myself.

  38. Ashley Hughes says

    I would buy my daughter some clothes for fall, a pair of pants for myself and maybe some cute little shoes for my daughter.

  39. says

    Thanks for the contest! We love to go shopping at Kohl’s. I’d really like to get a new outfit for both myself & my daughter, and some new quality bed sheets.

  40. says

    Oh my gosh i need this so bad lol. My oldest son seems to never stop growing. In the last year he has grew 6 ins and gained 15 lbs. And he is still growing!!!! I feel like every time i buy new clothes i minus well hand them to his brother because thats how fast he outgrows them!

  41. Debra b says

    Since I just started a new job I’d really like to buy some nice new clothes for work so I would spend it on new clothes

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway !!!

  42. alvina castro says

    I would buy winter/fall clothes for my 3 year old son because he is going to need some extra leg room when it gets cooler.

  43. Patricia Graefe says

    I would get shoes for my grand kids. They are growing like weeds and their Mom is having a hard time keeping up with the shoes. This store has wonderful shoes at great prices, so that is what I would do if I win. :)

  44. maryann says

    I would buy new school clothes for my daughter who is starting kindergarten and even new clothes for my two year old twins! :)

  45. Wendy Kroy says

    I’m not sure because I’ve never shopped at Kohl’s. The first one in my area is due to open in a few weeks.

  46. Sonya says

    I would buy some more back to school clothes for my daughters and probably some baby clothes for the new babe we’re expecting next year.

  47. Hana says

    I love Kohl’s! Also just recently discovered how awesome that store is. My little girl who is 1 is pretty set with clothes for now, but my stepson, is really needing clothes and back to school stuff (his pants are too short, his shirts are also too small, and he needs a new pair of shoes), so the gift card will be spent on spoiling the little guy. =)

  48. Elsie says

    I could buy alot with Kohl’s reasonable prices and regular sales and discounts…towels, bath accessories and rugs would be perfect for the bathroom to give it a bright new look!

  49. Sarah Z. says

    My kids always look good, but mommy is in desperate need of a few updates to her sad wardrobe, so this would be a good start!

  50. Melissa B says

    Would love a few new fall clothes items and a few things to make the house feel redecorated, like throw pillows.

  51. kymi a says

    We have bought so much new clothes for the kids, I would love to buy us some new clothes too: my list would be shorts, pants, dresses, hats, belts, blouses & shirts. :)