Chinet’s New Line of Sturdy, Attractive Bakeware

Have you ever brought a meal to a friend? Cooked a side-dish for the family holiday potluck? Or just generally needed to transport your fabulous baked goods from one place to the next?

I’ve done all of the above, and I always seem to regret using the plain aluminum disposable trays (too flimsy!) and often forget to retrieve my dishes if I use bakeware of my own. That’s why I’m particularly interested in the new product line from Chinet – Chinet Bakeware.

Take a look at how these portable, sturdy, attractive new products work:

Innovative features of disposable Chinet Bakeware:

  • attractive
  • sturdy
  • made from 90% recycled materials
  • non-stick
  • for use in oven, freezer, and microwave

The versatility of Chinet Bakeware makes it ideal for portable meals and dishes, but is also perfect for when you need a quick clean up after mealtime at home.

Be sure to visit Chinet’s Facebook page for a store locator on where to find Chinet Bakeware, as well as a $1.00 off product coupon.


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    This bakeware looks amazing!! It’s hard to find non-stick bakeware or bakeware that you can freeze and microwave. This is a great suggestion!

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