Kidworth Re-Launches with the Young Entrepreneurs Program

Last year Janice shared some exciting news with you about a new service to help kids learn money management skills: Kidworth.

Kidworth 2.0 Young Entrepreneurs

Kidworth has experienced phenomenal growth since its launch, and has had great success partnering with parents to teach kids about saving money. In response to feedback from parents about wanting to help their kids learn more about making money, Kidworth is re-launching as Kidworth 2.0 with an exciting new initiative called Young Entrepreneurs.

With Young Entrepreneurs, Kidworth is providing kids a way to:

  • launch a business in just 3 minutes
  • get paid for jobs
  • sell goods and services
  • utilize marketing tools and business cards

After opening a free account, kids can advertise services like baby sitting, web design, homemade baked goods, and more to their trusted personal contacts. The Young Entrepreneurs program will help them build an online storefront – no programming skills necessary – and start attracting customers. Kids can even take payments online. The entire process protects a child’s privacy, as the storefronts are not searchable on the web or available to consumers outside of those the child has directly invited with a dedicated URL.

Young Entreprenuers is the perfect program to ignite a child’s creativity in business and money-making opportunities. Check out Kidworth for more information and to sign up for a free account.


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    Hi I am the mother of a little girl who I think you should be aware of what she is doing for her community. Sarah “BUG” Nelson is only 9 years old & on June 2011 Sarah came up with an idea & a dream. Her dream was to have her own little bakery! So her dream became a reality and she started baking up a storm. She doesn’t just bake, she bakes and donates half of all the proceeds to our local hospice ARCH. The other half of the proceeds goes to her college fund. With one year under her belt, she is becoming quite the baker! She is the recipient of the 2012 Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. She was is believed to be the youngest in Ontario! She has raised almost $14,0000 in a year & half with half of that going to our local hospice ARCH. She puts very long hours in making treats for birthdays, weddings, teacher baskets you name it she makes it. She has been a guest speaker at many events in the Sault Ste Marie, ON Area. She has been getting world wide attention by her face book fans. She has almost 3000 followers on face book & 756 followers on twitter and 100 hits a week on her website! Sarah doesn’t have any access to any of these sites I do all her communications for her as is only 9! Sarah plans on being a baker when she grows up so I figured why not help her out and get her started sooner…Her website is we would love it if you checked her website out for yourself to see how amazing this kid really is….Thanks for listening.

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