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This past week wrapped up my entire summer-break-with-my-kids. Sure, there are a few weeks of summer vacation left before the kids head back to school, but I’ll be gone for all but a handful of those days. The lazy days of summer (for my family) are coming to a close.

My mind has been on our summer – what we were able to do and what we didn’t quite fit in – and I loved Laura‘s reflections on her summer in her post on 5 Minutes for Faith this week.

He’s Here All Summer

Summer. It’s popsicles, pool parties, sunscreen, watermelon, late nights, and sleepovers. It’s air conditioning, family reunions, camping trips, and water balloon fights. It’s Vacation Bible School. It’s swimming lessons. It’s fireworks. It’s ice cream.

It seems like it comes and goes in a blink, as we’re carried from packing to unpacking to laundry to the pool to a friend’s house and back again. Summer is a hummingbird, darting from flower to flower, wings a-buzzing, never stopping.

It’s the fast season — where plants grow and flowers bloom, water rushes off melting glaciers and insects fill the skies. All nature moves quicker with this season of warmth and prosperity.

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Written by 5 Minutes for Mom writer, Lolli. You can find Lolli blogging at Better in Bulk and tweeting at @1momof5.

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