Win a Faith Baby Onesie!

I am heading to Disneyland — the happiest place on earth! — about to have a weekend of networking, learning, sharing and FUN at the Startup Princess Academy. I can’t wait for it all to begin at 4pm Friday!

But before my fun starts, I thought I would share a bit of contest fun with you from my sponsor, Faith Baby.

Because Startup Princess is all about empowering and supporting women entrepreneurs, I thought, “Who better to have as a sponsor for my trip than a women entrepreneur!”

So I am thrilled to feature mompreneur, Stephanie McGuire, owner of Faith Baby, an online store specializing in faith-inspired babywear.

Stephanie is an amazing example of all a woman can do. Personally, I am stunned at all she has on her plate!

She juggles a full time career, three children and she started her own company. (And guess what — included in those three kids is a set of infant TWIN girls! Yes, Stephanie is the embodiment of efficiency!)

Stephanie considers it an honor to raise her children, “We receive such a great responsibility when we are given a baby. We should never take it for granted, but honor and cherish them every single day.” Stephanie believes it is a privilege to use His little and most precious creations to spread the love of God with their trendy and stylish, faith-inspired baby clothing.

Faith Baby was inspired by and is dedicated to Stephanie’s precious little angel, Amanda, who was born 17 weeks too early and is now “safe in the arms of Jesus.”

Stephanie’s adorable products come in an assortment of colors and each has a sweet phrase or verse on it, such as this one pictured here from her site, “All God’s grace in this tiny face.”

I want the onesie in brown with pink, that says, “Mommy’s Answered Prayers.”

Olivia’s middle name is Jenae because Jenae means, “God has answered our prayers.” I picked the name Jenae right after I found out I was carrying a baby, before I knew she was a girl. I even talked to her as Jenae, somehow sensing she was a girl and that after a miscarriage and many tear-stained months, she would be the answer to my prayers.

So tell me, which onesie do YOU want?

Let us know in a comment below and we will pick a random winner in two weeks.


Tweet about which one piece you want with the hashtag #faithbaby and we will draw a SECOND winner from those Twitter entries.

SO – to recap – there will be TWO contests, one here and one on twitter, each with one winner receiving a Faith Baby One Piece of their choice, valued at $14.99.

We will draw the winner from the first contest here from the comments. And the second winner will come from the contest on Twitter, that we will draw from tweets with the hashtag #faithbaby.

In both contests, you need to visit Faith Baby and tell us which one piece you want to win. And in the twitter contest, in addition to tweeting with the hashtag #faithbaby, you need to also follow @faithbabywear.

We will announce both winners, here and on Twitter, May 2nd.

Please see our site’s Terms and Conditions of Use for a complete list of our contest and giveaway rules.

Written by 5 Minutes for Mom co-founder: Janice Croze


  1. says

    “Mommy’s Answered Prayers” (brown with blue) would be perfect for my baby boy, since we’re leaving next week to pick him up after two years of waiting for this adoption to happen!

  2. Marcela Beatty says

    I am loving “Jesus loves me and so does my Daddy”. These onesies are special!

  3. says

    I love them all. I really like Protected by Angels but, I can’t seem to make up my mind. But, then again, Mommy’s answered prayers.

  4. Elli says

    i love the toddler tee in pink “be patient God’s not finished with me yet” sooo perfect!

  5. says

    Really like “Mommy’s Answered Prayers” – not sure what color, though… still waiting to find out that detail! For now I’d choose the brown w/ blue writing. Cute!

  6. says

    I LOVE the ‘mommy’s answered prayers’ onesie! It would be great for my little boy – ’cause he truly is the result of answered prayers. Thanks!

  7. says

    I would pick “Grandma’s answered prayers”

    When I was pregnant with my daughter, my mom came to stay with me in those last weeks leading up to delivery. 3 days before I was due, my mom woke up with severe chest pains. I took her to the hospital where she was taken into emergency surgery. If I hadn’t been pregnant, I wouldn’t have been there that night to insist she go to the hospital. My daughter is the reason my mom is still alive.

  8. says

    Jesus loves me and so does my mommy onesie is my favorite! I like the royal on blue. The whole collection is wonderful! Thank you for entering me.

  9. Jessica says

    My favorite is the “not spoiled, Blessed! one piece in blue. THANKS for the chance. I love these faith inspired onesies.

  10. Jodie says

    I would love to give my granddaughter “Jesus Loves Me And So Does My Mommy” Pink on Pink
    It was so hard to choose — I love them all! What a great idea. Thank you!

  11. says

    I would love the “Mommy’s Answered Prayers” for a boy~ We’re due in July, this would be just perfect~



  12. Priscilla says

    I like the “be patient, God is not finished with me yet!” T-shirt and wish it came in my size =) okay for the onesie pick, “not spoiled, blessed.” since our youngest is a boy, blue on black =)

  13. says

    Thank you for sharing your story – I think that’s a beautiful way to name your baby! I didn’t pick a special meaning name like that, though I do know her name means “Thankful” or “God hears”, which I love. :-) I actually had kind of given up having a child, was frustrated, too. I just remember telling God about it and feeling a real peace come over me… I felt like God was telling me I would have a baby someday, not to worry. But then I kind of second-guessed myself and thought it might be something else (too much dark chocolate? lol). I found out I was pregnant not long after, and counting back discovered that I was pregnant at the time I had that conversation with God. :-) So my baby is a miracle baby too! Though I do believe all babies are. :-)

    Oh, and I love the “Not spoiled, blessed!” onesie.

  14. says

    I would love the “Mommy’s Answered Prayers” onesie, although it’s hard to choose. I have two Glory babies, 2 miracle daughters with us here, and expecting our third daughter in August. Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. says

    We would love “Mommy’s Answered prayer” on Pink Pink Pink … our answered prayer is 10 mos old now. Actually I think I’ll stock up in both colors and save them for baby shower gifts.


  16. Brenda says

    Ha! If the “Be Patient” T shirt counts, I’d love that in a 2T, black on yellow. If not, the “All God’s Grace”, 12 mo., blue on blue. How incredibly cool.

  17. says

    OH, I’m having trouble choosing just one! I LOVE the “not spoiled, Blessed” as well as “all God’s grace in this tiny face”

    After a year struggling to start our family, we’ve been blessed with 3 children in 2 years! My youngest is just 3 months now :-)

  18. says

    First, I just want to say Thank You for sharing this site with us. I am so touched by Stephanie’s story, her website and her products.

    As someone who struggled with infertility for many years, I can’t imagine a better onesie than, “All God’s Grace in This Tiny Face.” That’s all I see when I see my precious girl.

    Thank you!

  19. Sarah says

    I love the “not spoiled, blessed” and “be patient, god’s not finished with me yet” shirts!

  20. Jennifer g. says

    It was hard to choose because they are all so adorable! I particularly loved the “protected by angels” onsie. So sweet!!

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  21. Carolyn says

    I love the pink on brown Mommy’s Answered Prayers. My little ones are such blessings! I also subscribe!

  22. says

    “Faith Baby” simply b/c it is by faith and faith alone that we have been blessed with our miracle child.

  23. Janet says

    My baby is definitely “Mommy’s answered prayers”! Great stuff here, thanks for the giveaway. –Janet

  24. says

    I love them all but I really like the one for the toddlers that said “Be Patient, God’s not done with me yet”. LOVE IT!! My son needs that one :)

  25. Linda M. says

    I must agree with so many others ….to pick ONE…?! I first had to have the “All God’s Grace in this tiny face” THEN I saw the “Grandma’s answered Prayers” oh boy, I have to have it too! LOVE the site, love it!

  26. Jessica Cote says

    I like the Jesus Loves me and so does my daddy onesie in pink on black size 6-12 months! It’s adorable

  27. Kiki says

    I like the All God’s Grace in This Tiny Face onsie!

    ParkingGoddessFTW at gmail dot com

  28. Jennifer Short says

    I like the “All God’s grace in this tiny face” onsie, but another (just so you know I visited the site) is Jesus loves me and so does my daddy) but I’d choose the God’s grace one.

  29. says

    Have fun in Disneyland at SUPA! I hope you have a wonderful time!

    From the Faith Baby collection, I like the “Be Patient…” toddler t-shirt. What a great reminder for those moments when your 2-year-old is testing your patience…by writing on walls with crayons and continuously asking for a snack (but refusing everything that you offer).

    Not that I would know anything about that… 😉

  30. Terra Heck says

    I would choose the “Jesus loves me and so does my mommy” onesie, magenta on pink. Thanks.

  31. Heidi says

    Such cute clothing! I like both the “not spoiled, blessed” onsie and the “be patient” toddler tee :).

  32. Sheila R says

    I love the Jesus loves me and so does my mommy one piece! What a cute line of clothing!

  33. says

    I would choose “Mommy’s answered prayers” one and give it to my friend when her adopted baby from Korea finally arrives. :)

  34. Judith says

    How can you not love them all, each is adorable. Our Angel will be 7 months old, a Miracle and blessing after 2 late term miscarriages, making a total of 5!
    Now Nathan! He’d love “Mommies answered prayer”
    Thanks for a great website!

  35. Marjorie says

    “Grandma’s Answered Prayers”. Perfect for my sister the new granny.

  36. Jennifer Jozwiak says

    i like the all god’s grace one piece. it is exactly what i’m looking for.