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If I could, I would spend all of my free time reading. I suppose I need to find some free time first. I love getting lost in a book – I am definitely the type who enjoys reading to be entertained, though like Jennifer mentions in her post on 5 Minutes for Books, I admit to reading the What to Expect books more than a few times during the years I was having babies. Here’s what I found this week while I was checking in with the sisters…

On Reading: Parenting By the Book

The two most obvious reasons that we read is to be entertained or to be informed. Some of us lean more in one direction than the other, but any reader has likely turned to books when they need information.

Elizabeth has posted a review of Bullying Decoded on 5 Minutes for Mom (and you can enter to win a copy by leaving a comment over there). In her post, she shares about the bullying that one of her sons has dealt with time and again, and what they did about it. She also shares what she likes about this particular resource, and in addition to gleaning wisdom on how to parent him through it, she’s going to pass it on to him to read for himself.

Though I can only take so much parenting advice, there have definitely been times that I turned to the experts to help me get through a certain situation. What mom-to-be didn’t at least pick up What to Expect When You’re Expecting and/or What to Expect the First Year ? (Really–I’m asking–if you never read either of these, you must leave a comment and let me know.) But for me, it was scheduling and sleep training and nursing that had me running for the bookstore for help. And it did help.

Finish reading this post….And don’t forget to enter the Bullying Decoded giveaway too!

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