This Blogger Lost Weight and Gained a Career!

Esther — who is the official Myspace video blogger for Weight Watchers — shares how showing videos of herself during her weight loss journey helped her lose almost 70lbs and launch a full-time career in social media.

You can find Esther at and at or watch her on YouTube. You can also follow her on Twitter.

Esther is so much fun!!! We had a blast meeting her and you can actually watch outtakes from our video with Esther on her site.

If you’re wanting to start video blogging (or vlogging), Esther is such great inspiration.

So tell us… have you ever published a video blog post? If you were to go on Weight Watcher or any other lifestyle change program, do you think you would video blog (or vlog) about it?


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    You know, I have a flip, actually my tween does, and I never thought of vlogging. I am considering podcasting. I love to write, but I love talking even more, and I did radio back in college, so it is not that foreign to me. I also loved meeting Ester, who shares a name with one of my best friends!

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    It was great to meet Esther in real life at Blissdom. At the time I didn’t realize how “famous” she was.

    I enjoy making video posts and if I had a lifestyle change I would definitely video it!

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    Wow! That is great! I am no ready to video tape my weight loss journey but I do blog about it every Friday. Blogging about it helps me a lot because I feel bad when Friday comes and I have to write I didn’t do anything all week. Although, I have done that a few times.

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    I’m not sure if I would video blog or not, but I like Esther’s idea of accountability and having people support her in her journey to lose weight.

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