ReadyBright System (Review & Giveaway)

Living in Kentucky, we see our fair share of thunderstorms and severe weather. And along with those storms can come the nuisance of losing power. I have to admit that I’m one of those woefully unprepared people when the power goes out. Either we can’t find the candles and flashlights or have the wrong size batteries or we’re totally out of batteries. It’s something I’ve told myself I need to work on and get organized with, but I just never seem to get around to it.

I was happy to find out about a new product, the ReadyBright System, that is just what I need to be prepared for unexpected power outages. This easy to use system will keep my family and household safe by providing instant light during times of power loss.


What I like best about the ReadyBright System is that once it is installed, I don’t have to worry about it anymore. It’s there, ready to automatically pop on when needed.

The system consists of three components: the Power Outage Detector, the Stair and Path Light, and the Ceiling Light. The Power Outage Detector plugs into your wall socket. When a power outage occurs, it sends a radio signal to activate up to 10 Stair and Path Lights and/or Ceiling Lights that you have in your home. This signal can activate lights up to 70 feet away. At the same time, the Power Outage Detector itself lights up as well. You can remove this unit from the wall and manually control the other lights or simply use as an emergency flashlight anytime. Once the lights have been activated, they will provide 40+ hours of clear, bright light throughout your home.

The system is simple to set up. The Stair and Path Lights run on 4 AA batteries; the Ceiling Lights run on 4 C batteries. The lights come with both mounting brackets and double stick tape for quick and easy installation.

The ReadyBright System also has a few power management features. If you happen to be away from home when the power goes out, the lights will shut off after 30 minutes. If you are at home and want to keep the lights on, simply press the “on” button found on the Power Outage Detector. There’s also a red LED light which will let you know if the batteries need to be replaced.

This helpful, household system has been recommended by The New York Times and Apartment Therapy. I think it’s a great product and a must-have for any home. It will certainly give me peace of mind, knowing that if we have a power outage, the ReadyBright System will instantly provide light for my family.

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Win a ReadyBright Starter House Kit.

One (1) winner will receive a ReadyBright Starter House Kit, which includes one Power Outage Detector, one Path Light, and one Ceiling Light (a $69.99 value). Just use the Rafflecopter form below to enter this giveaway. New to Rafflecopter? Watch this 45-second video on how to enter!

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I received The ReadyBright System to facilitate my review. I also received compensation for my time. All opinions stated in this post are my own and I was not obligated to write a positive review.


  1. Sandra K321 says

    I make sure that the rechargeable lanterns and tv are charged, I fill the bathtubs with water so we can flush the toilets, and if I have time to go to the store I buy extra jugs of water and food that doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

  2. Mary DelVecchio says

    We have a mega supply of candles and oil lamps. We live in an area that eectricity goes out almost everytime it rains.

  3. Anne Lehnick says

    We don’t really other than by making sure we keep the flashlights put away in the same place so we can find them in the dark if needed.

  4. Margot C says

    Truth be told I wouldn’t call us super prepared; we have flashlights, we have candles. I have a Coleman stove! (does that count?)

  5. Jenny says

    We have some flashlights plugged in that will turn on if the outlet is off. We also have flashlights in different areas of the house.

  6. Carole M says

    Oh, I try and remember where I left the flashlight. Barring that, I use the flashlight app on my iPhone.

  7. Catherine L. Petersen Peters says

    candles, flashlights – we had a long outage last fall and I went to work early and stayed late

  8. Tabathia B says

    We have a bag of tea candles and a emergency back pack filled with flashlights and batteries and crank radio

  9. Della Dabner says

    I just make sure I have plenty of batteries for our flashlights & that the candles are in place .

  10. Val Pearson says

    Very fitting question since we just had a thunderstorm last night. The kids love them! We prepare with flashlights and candles. Each child has their own flashlight and the candles are more for me than anyone else, they smell amazing :)

  11. Natalie S says

    We have a huge flashlight that is very industrial and lots of candles. We always make sure the battery is charged for the light.

  12. Michelle H. says

    We try to know where the flashlights are. But, we really need to be better prepared. Our area has suffered from power outages many times during storms. The last time this happened, we relied on our kids light up toys to get around the house!

  13. Bonnie says

    living in Hurricane area and many times the power is out for days, we keep lots of flashlights handy, stock up on candles and coleman lanturns… plus we now have a generator

  14. Diana K says

    When the power goes out where I live, it is very dark. No reflection of city lights on clouds either. We only have one maglight and a bunch of candles.

  15. lisa lo says

    that’s about all we have at our house.

  16. LT says

    We make sure we have one of our camping lanterns near by! We also use a few candles to make it feel more cozy!

  17. samantha says

    i make sure all our flashlights are charged, our phones are charged and the laptop so the kids have something to do.

  18. Marysa N. says

    My husband has a computer backup battery so he doesn’t lose work. Otherwise, we have some good quality LED flashlights stashed around the house.
    Marysa {at} marysa {dot} com

  19. Richard Hicks says

    we have lots of candles, batteries, flashlights, and a backup generator if needed

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  20. Zenetta says

    I make sure I have flashlights and emergency food that does not require the fridge. However, I thinkthe most imporant thing is to be prepared before it happens.

  21. Jeff says

    Have plenty of spare lights on hand if anything goes wrong. We havn’t seen much rain this Summer at all though.

  22. Bonnigene says

    At our house everyone has a flashlight. We keep extra candles, batteries and food that can be eaten without heating it up

  23. Kim A says

    Several things, find the flashlights, find a battery operated fan, fill the tub with water for flushing, and fill the sinks for handwashing, and have jugs of water for rinsing. Thank you for the opportunity.

  24. Marie C says

    My son is very ingenious with car batteries and transformers. I use candles in glass jars and battery operated closet lights. Sometimes we use propane lanterns.

  25. Jennifer says

    Prepare? What’s that? Lol. Seriously, when our power was out for 4 days in the winter, we survived by candlelight and gas heated water.

  26. Chelsea M says

    We’re not really prepared specifically for a power outage, but we do have flashlights around the house.

  27. SHEILA FOLEY says

    flashlights, but the system you are offering would be so much better, especially with our afternoon storm/power outages and our hurricane season.

    sheilatf52 at yahoo dot com

  28. susan smoaks says

    we have flashlights, candles and the number to the power company handy in case of power outages

  29. Rosey says

    Everyone knows where the flashlights and candles are stored, and if there’s a long outage, we have the generator.

  30. Leanne says

    Each bedroom has a flashlight as well as in the kitchen. I have TONS of candles…I can never have too many lol & we have lots of nonperishable food on hand all the time. Between a wood stove & a grill we have ways to cook & boil water :)

  31. Meloni says

    After last month’s days long power outage and the purchase of new flashlights during said outage, this system sounds awesome!

  32. Robert Pyszk says

    We keep candles and flashlights in the same spot and everyone knows where they are. It also helps to keep a couple board games handy for fun.

  33. Charlene Kuser says

    I have my flashlights with fresh batteries and candles close by in one spot.I also have plenty of bottled water in case we need it to drink.

  34. Carolyn Harms says

    We have lots of flashlights and candles and batteries at home and at work but this item looks pretty cool and would help out a lot especially with the summer lightning storms and harsh winter weather.

  35. Candie L says

    I have to laugh because we are in one right now. The spouse was fixin to cook supper and the kids had friends over. A freak thunderstorm comes and we will be out of power for 6 hours when it is done. We had a couple flashlights and we have the flashlight app on our phones. Both the spouse and I are hoping our laptops last because it is already almost dark out and we there is not much more we can do. Thank you

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