Spur of the Moment Twitter Contest…

Twitter is impulsive, instant gratification FUN!

About thirty minutes ago, I tweeted about us publishing Olive Garden’s actual recipe for their new Tuscan Garlic Chicken, (which I had at their restaurant — scrumptious!)

A couple seconds later, @christinalemmey tweeted back, “@5minutesformom Thanks for the recipe!! I was just wondering what to do with my defrosted chicken :) Perfect timing! LOL”

Well, that tweet gave me the idea to have an impromptu Twitter contest!

I have one extra $25 gift card to Olive Garden, so I will give it away to a randomly selected Twitterer who posts a TwitPic or tweets about making Tuscan Garlic Chicken.
(Okay – if you cheat and to go the restaurant and order it and take a Twit Pic that will count too.)

So now Twitter is all a twitter about making Tuscan Garlic Chicken. So go join in the fun. You can get the recipe at our page, www.5minutesformom/olive-garden. While you are there, make sure you leave a comment for a chance to win $100 gift card. :)

(And if you aren’t on Twitter yet. GIRL! Get on Twitter. This is the perfect incentive. You will love Twitter — it is as delicious as Olive Garden’s bread sticks!)

Hurry – I will choose the winner in three days! Get cooking and tweeting…

PS – Hashtag for this contest is #olivegardenprize. Make sure you include the hashtag so I don’t miss you!


  1. says

    The recipe was delicious! I made a couple of modifications but would even recommend not using as much parmesan cheese. As much as I love cheese, this just got super thick which then covered up the gorgeous green and red of the veggies.

    Will definitely make it again, tho!

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