Grab a Little Me Time This Summer with Keurig and Their New Brew Over Ice Flavors (Giveaway)

by Jennifer Sikora

Jennifer here…

The dog days of summer are here, and in Kentucky it is H-O-T! Our temperatures have been soaring in the 105-110 degree range and when it gets like that, all I want to do is stay holed up in the house. Staying in though doesn’t mean that I can’t splurge a little and have some fabulous me time. When it’s hot outside, I use this time to reorganize my house and clean while I stay cool inside under the air conditioner. Once I’m done, I reward myself with a delicious iced coffee in my Keurig Special Edition Brewing System.

If you are like me and have some cleaning that needs to be done, take it from expert organizer, Donna Smallin Kuper. Donna has a few tips for us that will get us organized in no time flat!

  • If you’re like most people, you don’t look forward to organizing the garage or cleaning the house. So promise yourself a special treat when you’re done – like putting your feet up and relaxing with a Celestial Seasoning® Unsweetened Iced Black Tea made with your Keurig® brewing system, and a book or magazine.

  • Put your digital world on ice with an “electronic freeze.” Unplug the television, power down your cell phone, turn off your computer and enjoy a peaceful evening on your own or with your loved ones.

  • When running errands, map out where you need to go to avoid back-tracking.“Trip chaining” saves gas and gets you back home faster. Before you head out, prepare your favorite iced beverage from home with your Keurig® brewer to save time and avoid unnecessary stops.

  • Don’t over-schedule yourself. Allow time before appointments so you can arrive on time and cool as a cucumber even on the hottest summer day. Block out some time each day and give yourself permission to take that time to do whatever you feel like doing.

  • Organize your day to maximize productivity. Whether it’s first thing in the morning or late at night, there’s a time of day that’s generally your most productive time. Find out when it is and use that time to accomplish the things that require the greatest amount of physical energy and brainpower.
  • Turn the afternoon slump into an energy source. When you feel that mid-afternoon slowdown setting in, pick up the pace with a brisk 10-minute walk, a short stint of stretching exercises, or a refreshing cup of Green Mountain Hazlenut Iced Coffee.

  • Summer will be over before you know it. After a busy day, take time to enjoy the simple pleasures of a summer afternoon or evening – listen to crickets, watch fireflies, and enjoy your favorite iced beverage made in under a minute with your Keurig® brewer and your favorite Brew Over Ice K-Cup® or Vue™ pack. Even just 15 minutes to stop and smell the flowers can change your mood from rankled to rosy.

Iced Coffee Varieties

Brew Over Ice K-Cup® or Vue™ packs are specifically designed to brew directly over ice with a Keurig® Single Cup Brewer, creating a full-flavored, refreshing iced beverage at the touch of a button. Brew Over Ice Iced Coffee varieties are available in 22-count boxes online, 12-count boxes in supermarkets, and 16-count boxes at retail stores nationwide.

Green Mountain Coffee® Hazelnut Iced Coffee – 22 ct., 12 ct., 16 ct. When things heat up, it’s time for a cooler approach to coffee. Our Hazelnut Iced Coffee gives you the sweet, buttery nut flavor you love in a refreshingly icy cool brew.

The Original Donut Shop™ Sweet & Creamy Regular Iced Coffee – 22 ct. An all-American classic iced coffee with the right splash of sweet creamer. This variety is also available in Vue™ packs for the Keurig® Vue™ Brewing System.

The Original Donut Shop™ Sweet & Creamy Nutty Hazelnut Iced Coffee – 22 ct. A craveable version of nutty, roasted hazelnut coffee on ice with a splash of
sweet creamer.

Celestial Seasonings® Perfect Iced Teas K-Cup® packs are $17.49  for a 22 or 24-ct. box online at:

Prices at retail may vary.

Enter to win

One reader will win their very own Special Edition Brewing System from Keurig along with a sample pack of some of the new Brew over Ice K-Cup packs. Just use the Rafflecopter form below. New to Rafflecopter? Watch this 45-second video on how to enter!

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