Halloween Costumes!!!

Kailani from the Pink Diary is hosting the 2006 Halloween Costume Contest!

Voting is starting in a couple hours…
Polls will be open Nov 1 – 3rd.

There are so many adorable and oh-so-scary costumes to see… the tough part will be deciding who to vote for. So, you can always make it easy on yourself and vote for us. ;)

Halloween Costume Contest

Halloween Costume Contest

Jackson dressed as Darth Vader for Halloween day at school.

Halloween Costume Contest

Jackson dressed as a Knight for Trick or Treating.

Halloween Costume Contest

Julia dressed as a Unicorn for Trick or Treating.



  1. says

    I hope that rocking horse is not part of Jackson’s costume. Might make it a little hard to go door-to-door! LOL!

    They’re so adorable. I bet they got lots of candy!

  2. says

    They are both too cute. Who could choose??
    Susan, thank you for visiting my journal. I have spent a large part of this morning here at 5 Min. for Mom. Great site!!
    My 4 year old was a fireman- since he is mine, I have to vote for him. :)



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