Tackle it Tuesday#149: Bagging it all up

This week our resident tackler, Jena Webber, is posting about another way to keep your activities more organized.
Jena, also known as the organizing mommy, blogs at Organized Everyday.

Any time I add a new activity to our already busy schedule, I’m somewhat afraid that I will totally forget a) what it is I said I would do? and b) what do I need to get there?

So, this week I’m tackling bagging up my life. It’s kind of like containerizing your life for the outside world. That’s right. Rather than recycling the same bag over and over, I am assigning a bag for each activity and not switching them around. Inside each bag, I put a list of what goes back in the bag each time. I also have a notebook in each bag to take notes about what I said I would do or who needs what for the next time I go. Here is an example of one of my bags.

On Tuesdays, I am an English teacher. (for homeschoolers) We only meet once a week, so I can easily forget what is going on.

So, here is my Tuesday bag.

Inside my Tuesday bag, I have the papers to be corrected as well as the papers to be returned to the students.

I also have plenty of spots for my teacher’s records and manuals. I also have to assign a calculator to the front pocket so I can average the grades.

Hey! That was fun!

What else can you bag up? I know I will still probably need a: Sunday/ Wednesday going to church bag, Gym bag, going to nursery bag, grocery store bag (filled with coupons, reusable bags, list) and as well as my regular purse. Now… to find a place to store all those organized bags…..

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  1. says

    I had one a big like that [although mine was neon green so I wouldn’t lose it in a crowd …..actually people kept quite a distance from it!] With wheels and an extension I really had a handle on that baby.

  2. says

    Teacher are awesome. I have great admiration for you.
    It is a good thing if you are able to serve in your kids school at what ever level you enjoy.

  3. says

    You know I sort of did the same thing with my kids’ swim lesson supplies (with the exceptions of the wet suits, anyway). Now I never forget the baby shampoo or Q-tips and I always have my flipflops for poolside!

    Its a great tackle! This week I painted our porch – WITH MY FOUR YEAR OLD! 😉

  4. says

    Good idea! I quit using hand-bags a few months ago. I’m using one bag when I’m with my toddler, which includes his needs, and when I go to work I put my purse and other stuff inside my notebook bag. At other times, I just use my pockets. Now I think that, I can make another set of home keys for two bags.

  5. says

    I do that too! I have a work bag (I’m a nurse)/ a lunch bag (12 hr night shifts with no where to go for food)/ a shopping bag (fits my coupon binder/ reusable bags/ etc). Great idea. Actually I took it one step further in my work bag and I have a small bag for work supplies/tools: stethascope/alcohol swabs/ pens, and one for personal items (that time of the month supplies/ toothbrush & paste/ gum/ eye drop) works pretty well.

    My son (18mos) has a mini backpack that holds diapers/wipes/and an extra change of clothes) No more diaper bag and he loves to wear it too!

  6. says

    I noticed that you have the Easy Grammar series. I have been using them also. But what do you use after E.G.Plus? My dd is done w/this book, she is 14, and is ready for something else.? Just getting ideas.


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