The Galahads: Unique Support for Women Entrepreneurs

Until you know who you are, you will never know if you are who you want to be.”
…The Galahads

Janice and I are so lucky to have our own business. It means that we get the freedom of creating our own schedules, time with our kids, working from home, etc… I couldn’t have created what we have today without Janice by my side. Still, even when you are working with your own twin sister, being a woman and an entrepreneur is tough. There aren’t a lot of resources out there for women entrepreneurs that focus on bringing women together in a healthy, generous, supportive environment.

That’s why I am thrilled to have been invited to join The Galahads as a Master Of The Order (along with some other super successful and impressive women like: Alexis Neely, Christine Hassler, Maria Ross, Lindsey Pollak and more).

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The Galahads is a new and exciting online community to develop financially successful, self-fulfilled, powerful and generous women entrepreneurs through mastermind, mentorship and adventure and support the development of women worldwide. Every Galahad member agrees to abide by the Galahad Code Of Chivalry (which I love)! You can read more about The Galahad’s innovative approach and the benefits of membership here.

Women reach out to me daily saying, “I would love to have my own business” or “I can’t make my business grow”. Perhaps you have been thinking, dreaming, imagining your own business for some time. Perhaps you have a business and would like to grow. Perhaps you have a successful business and would like to be matched with women at your level, women who can truly support, help and guide you on your grand adventure.

Sometimes when we are so caught up in our day-to-day lives, so busy taking care of other people, that we forget to look at the bigger picture. We only have one life to live. Are you living it the way you want to? Have you set off on your life adventure? Imagine being surrounded by women who know what they want – women who have decided to live the adventure and are committed to helping other women live their adventures too. You could be a Galahad!

The Galahads have created a free quest to help you Find Your True Self. This set of free videos and worksheets will help you find out who you are and if you are who you want to be. Of course we hope that you will complete the quest and then apply to join us – but there is no obligation; the quest is absolutely free because The Galahads are committed to the growth of all women (entrepreneurs or not).

When you complete this free quest you will learn:

  • How to uncover and celebrate your most important results and accomplishments (Dress yourself in armor)
  • To collect together all of the useful and important lessons from past failures (Your Book Of Spells)
  • Acknowledge and record your skill sets (Arm yourself for battle)
  • Analyze and make decisions around your current place in life (Take stock of your surroundings)
  • Challenge yourself with smart, life-changing adventurous goals (Create your Camelot)

You can click here to get the quest for FREE – but here is a preview of what to expect from this valuable video workshop…


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