How To Plan More Fun Into Your Summer With OneNote

Are you planning a family vacation this summer or are you sticking closer to home and enjoying family time in your own backyard?

Instead of scratching travel notes and ideas for summer activities on pieces of paper, printing screenshots from websites, or emailing yourself bits of information, you can easily organize all that research in an OneNote notebook, which is a part of Office 2010.

Travel Notebooks

Because OneNote lets you be super-organized, you can get a huge head start on trip planning. And, as you collect ideas and grab clips from websites, you’re basically creating a personal travel guide.

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I’ve also shared my own Summer Planning OneNote Notebook here on SkyDrive for you to take a look.

Written by Susan Carraretto, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom.

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    I’m definitely a post-it person – scratching plans and notes on a dozen different yellow stickies. I thought when I started putting them in lines and rows I was getting organized. I will give OneNote a try – maybe plan our next couple outdoor parties with it. Thanks for the advice.

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