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Chances are good that you know of a friend who suffers from heavy periods. Perhaps your friend has confided in you about this. In fact, you might suffer from them yourself. As a teen, college student, young adult, mom of little kids, and now a mom in my 40s, I STILL suffer from heavy bleeding.

This condition has a name – menorrhagia, or heavy menstrual bleeding. Menorrhagia affects 1 out of 5 women. Women can be affected in many different ways, including:

  • Physical — tired, nauseated, bad cramps, headaches.
  • Social — more than 60% of women have reported missing a social or athletic event. About 80% report avoiding sex. An even 33% have had to miss work due to heavy bleeding.
  • Emotional — about 77% have depression or moodiness. Another 75% feel anxious. Over 50% report a lack of confidence during their periods due to heavy bleeding.

Source: Data from

Do you experience these symptoms of heavy bleeding? I recently heard about, an online community for connecting and educating women with heavy periods. At, you can read stories from others who have struggled with heavy periods, get answers to some frequently asked questions, and download The Girlfriend’s Guide to Heavy Periods, written by Vicki Iovine, author of “The Girlfriend’s Guide” series of books.

The Girlfriend's Guide To Heavy Bleeding Vicki Iovine

Also on the site, Vicki Iovine shares this video about her own experiences with finding a solution to heavy bleeding:

Pads and tampons are often not enough for those who experiencing heavy bleeding. What Vicki talked about in the above video is so true; heavy bleeding can significantly impact your life.

For more information about Change the Cycle:

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