TomTom Makes Summer Travel Less Stressful (Giveaway)

Jennifer here–

My family and I will be taking our first ever road trip this summer to spend a week in Florida. I am extremely excited and cannot wait to hit the highway! I am one of those types of travelers that would rather drive than fly because I love the scenery. This trip however, we are going to have a little bit of help with navigation — thanks to TOM TOM!

Summer Travel Is Less Stressful with TomTom Giveaway

A recent study by TomTom showed that it takes a mere 27 minutes for kids to get bored on long road trips. I don’t know about you, but that one little question  — are we there yet — grates on my nerves, especially when I have heard it 30 times in about a 15 minute period. By using a GPS system like TOMTOM, you can assure that your road trip will take less time because you will have the best possible maps routed, and you can be alerted to roadblocks, traffic jams, and more.

“While we can’t stop children from getting bored, we can make sure family journeys are the best they can be,” say Corinne Vigreux, managing director of TomTom’s Consumer Business Unit. “From avoiding endless hours spent in traffic jams, to finding the best places to stop en route, TomTom is an ideal travel companion for a family road trip.”


TomTom aims to make family journeys better by reducing the time spend in traffic and by offering driver-friendly content and services to help families make the most of their time together. TomTom HD Traffic helps drivers reach their destination faster, and TomTom’s LIVE services and travel apps, available on the GO LIVE 1535M and GO LIVE 2535M devices, help families find and navigate to recommended places such as restaurants and play areas along the way.

Some of my favorite features:

When we opened the TomTom box, my husband’s eyes gleamed. He is a total sucker for tech gadgets like GPS systems, etc. Needless to say he has been playing with it non-stop since I gave it to him.

His favorite features on the GPS are:

  • Live Traffic Updates
  • Voice activation (this is his favorite feature of all. He simply sets it to voice activate and can speak to it where he wants to go and it tells hims his destination and how long it will take to reach that destination.
  • Map Updates

You can discover more about TomTom through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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  1. says

    I love the drive there & back. We chat. We listen to audio books. We enjoy the scenery. It’s just as much fun to get to the destination.

  2. cathy canton says

    love the tom tom, make a family vacation much more relaxing and gives you time to look out the window and not at a map every 3 seconds.

  3. Leslie Galloway says

    Listening to the kids chatter in the backseat. (Least favorite part? listening to them argue. hehe)

    Facebook Name: Leslie Galloway (

  4. Linda Stewart says

    My favorite part of a family road trip is watching the building anticipation and anxious looks on the boys face as we get closer to our destination.

  5. Jennifer N says

    Favorite part is finding new places to hike together. Just being together away from schedules and life-noises. I love the quiet (or not so quiet) togetherness!

  6. Sue C. says

    My favorite part of family trips is seeing things we don’t see that often – horses, cows, sheep, etc. on the rolling hills, seeing and smelling the ocean, discovering a Sonic has opened in our part of the state!

  7. Brandy W. says

    All the experiences that happen along the way… The new sites, cities, activities, all that fun & excited stuff!!!

  8. Natalie S says

    My fave part is just the together family time we get to spend uninterruped! And stopping places to make memories!

  9. Elena V says

    It’s being able to experience new places with my family, it’s different than traveling with friends and I like it.

  10. Michelle says

    My favorite part of a road trip is trying the different cuisines and local restaurants as we travel.

  11. says

    favorite part of family road trip is chatting together and getting to know more of my family ..each and every minute.. its like building a relationship .. making it work and making it strong.

  12. Shelbie Johnston says

    The sites! Love looking at all the diff landscapes and everything :) Plus bing with my family :)

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