Vacationing with a Purpose: The Solmar Foundation

If you live in a tourist town, you know that the tourists come in, see the sights, do the touristy stuff and leave. Rarely do they really see or experience the community beyond those sights or places.

This really struck me while I was in Los Cabos, Mexico last month. The 40 minute drive from the airport to the resort took me through the desert and a small piece of the downtown area. Immediately I noticed the shacks along the roadside and the broken down neighborhoods off in the distance. These were places where people lived. And I was humbled.

Of course, once I got to the resort, I got caught up in the seclusion. The luxurious accommodations, abundant food and the sound of the rolling waves of the Pacific. Then, one night, I had the pleasure of sitting down to dinner with the director of the Solmar Foundation.

After Sr. Bulnes, the founder of the Solmar hotels, passed away in 2011, his family wanted to continue his legacy of caring for the community of Los Cabos. Thus the Solmar Foundation was created.

The Solmar Foundation helps to provide assistance in a variety of ways to shelters, nursing homes, and orphanages in the Los Cabos area.

But then the Solmar Foundation goes a step further. They want to give the guests of the Solmar Hotel and Resorts the opportunity to be a part of this good will. And it’s so simple! Here’s how…

  • At checkout, guests are able to add a $10 suggested donation (or more if they like) to their bill. So easy! You would be amazed at how much good that simple donation can do!


  • Bring a Thing: Yes, I know packing can be tricky when going on vacation. It’s a balancing act between bringing everything you *might* need but not going over the airline luggage limit. But would you be willing to leave one of those pairs of shoes behind if it meant bringing a smile to the face of a child in Los Cabos? All you need to do is bring a little something to donate to the schools and orphanages. Simple drop your gift of art supplies, pencils, toys, coloring books, toothbrushes, or other personal items at the front desk and they’ll be happy to distribute them!


  • Hands On: The Solmar Foundation is currently developing ways where guests of the Solmar Hotel & Resorts can donate a bit of their time serving the community while in Los Cabos. For example, doing crafts with the residents of the nursing homes, serve food at the shelter, etc.

I absolutely love this idea! I love that the Solmar family is not only continuing to give back to the local community but that they are sharing their hearts with their resort guests! Wouldn’t it be great if this “give-back” enthusiasm spread to other resorts around the world?

You can learn more about the Solmar Foundation online or by connecting with the Solmar Resorts on Facebook or Twitter.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever  “given-back” to the community while you are on vacation?

I was invited to the Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort as a guest of the Solmar Hotel & Resorts. All travel and accommodations were provided by the resort, as well as some adventures with Cabo Adventures and a dinner with the Solmar Foundation director.


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    What a great idea – I live in the UK, and haven’t heard of anything here on these lines – but suspect if there was an opportunity to do something like this, we would be one of the first in line. I always feel we don’t do enough for the community, and if we can holiday and help at the same time, you are almost getting the best of both worlds :-)

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    Very cool program. In high school, I was always impressed with my Christian friends who took their Spring break and went to Mexico, where they helped build homes for their fellow Christians down there.

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    My husband and I went to Cabo San Lucas for a getaway back in 1999 before we had kids. I was also struck by the stark contrast between the dilapidated houses and the luxurious resorts. I’m so glad this Foundation exists and is doing so much good for the community. It really is a special place with the warm waters, lots of sunshine and friendly people.

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