Breathe easier with Holmes® HEPA Type Air Purifier with aer1™ Total Air Filter (giveaway)

When we bought our home, we loved the fact that it was an established home in an established neighborhood full of trees and natural areas. And while we knew it would need some work, we were up to the challenge of getting the 1960s split level up to speed.

One of our favorite aspects of this home is the original hardwood flooring. We love the style and feel of hardwoods. However, with two kids and at one point, a dog, we found that the dust and dirt was getting out of control. We all have seasonal allergies so on top of the typical problems dust can cause, we also have pollen to deal with. We decided that we needed to clean out our duct work and start using an air purifier to really turn things around.

After using the Holmes® HEPA Type Air Purifier with aer1 Total Air Filter ($69.99) for a few weeks, we feel that the atmosphere in our home is much more pleasant. The air purifier uses two filters to remove up to 99% of air pollutants. We chose to place ours in front of the air conditioning vent so that the cold air gets immediately filtered before going into our bedroom. The fan also has a 3 speed setting which is nice if you want to use it in a larger room. We keep it on the lowest setting and it provides a really nice ambient white noise while we sleep. 

The thing about air filters is that it’s hard to really see a difference. But after using this Air Purifier from Holmes, I really do feel that our air is cleaner and we are trapping a lot of the pollutants before they have a chance to infiltrate our home. This is the first time we have used an air filter so I do think it is making a difference for us.

The Holmes® HEPA Type Air Purifier with aer1 Total Air Filter includes the following: 
  • Removes up to 99% of Air Pollutants
  • HEPA Type
  • 3 Speed Setting
  • Optional Ionizer
  • Filter Service Indicator
  • CADR 126
  • Rooms up to 13′ x 15′ (195 sq ft)
  • 3 Year Warranty

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One 5 Minutes for Mom reader will win a Holmes® HEPA Type Air Purifier with aer1 Total Air Filter! Use the Rafflecopter below to enter this giveaway. The more ways you enter, the better your chances are for winning.

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  Disclosure: I was sent an Air Purifier in order to write my review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Dawn M says

    We all have allergies and my son has seasonal asthma. This would definately help keep the air cleaner in our home.

  2. Dameon Schirer says

    A good air purifier will help me since it’s starting to get hot and we don’t have central air so I have to leave the windows open. My wife and I both have allergies and have to use out Neti pot a lot more now to clear our noses

  3. Ivy T says

    It would benefit us by keeping the the pet dander down, as we have 2 cats and two people in the house that are mildly allergic (it only bothers them if they have been petting/playing with the cats and don’t wash their hands before bringing their hands near their face.) Also, I have seasonal allergies, so this would help clear the air after the windows have been opened (and closed) for the day.

  4. Alison says

    My family loves our air purifier. We clean the filter monthly and its amazing what it collects! We really need another one to put upstairs though, this would be great!

  5. Alexis says

    With a new baby, a shedding dog and ahiusethat accumulates dust no sooner than you clean it we could really use this!

  6. says

    I suffer from seasonal allergies. Between owning a cat, having sensitivities to dust, dander and pollen/ragweed… season changes can be such a drag. There’s only so much I can do to keep the allergens out of the air. This air filter would definitely help alleviate some of that work for me.

  7. says

    An air purifier would help reduce the dust in our home. We live on a farm, have a dog in the house and two kids so our house gets pretty dusty. Awesome giveaway!

  8. says

    My family all seem to have bad allergies this year. It is horrible. My youngest wakes up coughing and congested every morning. Having this filter would greatly help all 4 of us.

  9. Cynthia says

    My son would benefit so much from this because he has allergies and it would be of great help for him :)

  10. Renata says

    My mom suffers from severe allergies so this would definitely help her in eliminating pollen and dust in the house. Thanks so much!

  11. jodi lasher says

    This would help me alot because i already have major sinus issues so maybe this would help and clean the air for me to breath better. Thanks

  12. lisa l says

    I’ve wanted one of these for a long time. I hate stale, dusty, cooped up air.
    I have a cat and carpet…..

  13. Amber Smith says

    We don’t have the best air quality in my area so this would really benefit us by clearing out our home environment.

  14. Georgiana says

    We live in a city so there’s a lot of smog around plus it’s pollen season! My apartment could sure use this as I have severe allergies! Hope to win – thanks so much!

  15. Kimberly Bauer says

    I have a 6 month old daughter who has been diagnosed with asthma. I think that cleaner air inside would be beneficial.

  16. kelly says

    Living in the desert, I feel like there are so many things in the air that don’t need to be. I want my daughters to breathe fresh, pure air.

  17. Stephanie Hungerford says

    This would benefit me because I have pets and I have asthma. I refuse to get rid of my cat because she is my best friend and she gives me a reason to live.

  18. Marlena U. says

    I have been lucky enough to get seasonal allergies within the past two years and my kiddos suffer from allergies almost year round. This would be a great asset to helping us all!

  19. says

    My daughter and husband have allergies (I do too but not as bad) so this would help with that. Plus just to know that the air we are breathing would be cleaner!

  20. Jeanne B. T. says

    I would like to win this for my daughter because she has allergies and this would help with all that bad stuff in the air.

  21. says

    The filter would be a great benefit to our family because we had a water pipe leak a couple of years ago and then consequently had to treat our home for mold. So even though the mold is supposedly gone, I would still feel better with a filter.

  22. Doris Calvert says

    I have tons of allergies and live by a lot of fields so when the wind blows so does the dust and pollen. This would eliminate a lot of it and the chemicals from some sprays and cleaners!

  23. Emily W says

    An air filter would really help with my dust and pollen allergies, and help me sleep better at night.

  24. Jeff says

    Perfect for those days when you have to have the air conditioning running for days. The air in the house tends to get some what stuffy.

  25. kathleen says

    with little kids in the house i want to do my best to ensure that the air we breathe is as clean as possible

  26. Jeannette Laframboise says

    I have horrible allergies that I have had since childhood. I had hoped to ‘grow out’ of some but, no such luck…My youngest also has environmental allergies so both of us would really benefit from the air purifier. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  27. says

    I could really use an air filter because mine is 6 years old now and you cant buy filter replacements for it . I end up vaccumming out the filter to make it last .I would love to win this because everyone in my house has allergies or asthma and it essential we have one running all the time

  28. ANGEL JACKLYN says


  29. Kelley F says

    This would help my family because both my daughter and I have asthma. My daughter is also a Bone Marrow Transplant patient and it is very important that she stays healthy and her environment is really clean.

  30. tung ton says

    it would deal with the cat dander, the dust from the gardeners of other people’s lawns, and the amazing amount of cigarette smoke in this neighborhood!

  31. Dorothy says

    A filtering system would be amazing since I am recovering right now from the onslaught of allergens when our air conditioning was activated two weeks ago.

  32. Lynda E says

    I’d actually give this to my son for his dorm room. Five guys sharing two rooms and one bath, well you can just imagine!

  33. Tania B says

    An air purifier would help my household immensely because we have a cat and his hair and dander really bothers the hubby who has allergies.

  34. Heather Garcia says

    My son and I both suffer from asmtha and my husband works in agriculture so this would be a big help in our family

  35. Kathy Luman says

    I could use the air filter because I have 3 dogs in the house and I’m always getting headaches from their hair and dander being in the air.

  36. alyce poalillo says

    I have tree pollen allergies, mold issues in my basement and several house cats so this would be very useful in my home.

  37. Tamra H says

    We have three pets in our home, and a family with a ton of allergy issues! This would help tremendously!

  38. Kathlean Owens says

    Right now, we have a lot of smoke in the air from the fires here in New Mexico. Other than that, we also have lots of dust in the air all the time and pollen.

  39. dario says

    i suffer from year round sinus problems and ent has found nothing to help maybe some clearer air could at least help me while in the house

  40. elaine b says

    my handicap grandson stays with me every weekend and he is prone to breathing problems and this would truly help his breathing.

  41. Jennifer Reed says

    An air filter would benefit me and my home because we have three indoor cats.
    repose4jr at gmail dot com

  42. Yana G says

    I live in a heavily polluted industrial area and have two dogs — the air purifier would be amazing to have, but being a college student, I can’t afford one at the moment.

  43. Sue C. says

    We have lots of seasonal allergies in my family plus we have several cats so I know everyone would breath easier with HEPA filtered air.

  44. ginette4 says

    I have a daughter that is allergic to dust, this would benefit her so much, thank you for the great giveaway

  45. Chel Pay says

    My whole family has asthma & allergies and I think this air filter could really help us all breathe easier, especially our kids!!

  46. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says

    I suffer from allergies really bad, an air purifier would be nice to have, our house is very old.
    thanks for the giveaway

  47. Darcy B says

    My husband and kids have allergies and our apartment is the back unit –it seems like all the dust gets sucked in to it.

  48. says

    Having an air filter in my home would definitely help us sleep better. I keep hearing how the air inside your home is worse than the air outside and would love to have an air filter to help with that!

  49. Jessica says

    This would be great for my daughter’s nursery. We bought our house last summer from the original owners who had been living (and chain smoking) in it since the 60’s. Even with fresh paint I worry that all that tar and nicotine build up on the walls has affected the air quality.

  50. Sherilyn Nunez says

    ive recently become very congested and its the second time this happens for long periods of time (2-3) months but i cant afford to go to a specialist without insurance..doctors dont know what the problem is yet.

  51. Jennifer says

    I have suffered with allergies all my life and now, unfortunately, I believe my poor baby girl is dealing with it as well. This would really help us, to help her! Thank you for the chance to win it!!

  52. Kristie says

    We live down a dirt road so my air seems to be very dusty in my house. So this air filter would help clean the air in my home.

  53. Kathy Pomeroy says

    i’d rather NOT pump my body with chemicals due to allergies, especially when staying in my own home – an air purifier would be an excellent solution

  54. Debbie C says

    A good air filter cold help me sleep better with some allergy relief.

  55. clynsg says

    Most members of my family have allergies, and I have indoor animals, so an air filter would probably help in keeping pet dander, etc. out of the air.

  56. Lindsey says

    With getting ready to move out of the city and into the country my entire family suffers from allergies and sinus problems. This would be the perfect thing to help clean the air in our home to alleviate their problems and help them feel better.

  57. Molly K says

    I have asthma and when we run the A/C it can give me problems. I would love to see if this would help me breathe easier during the summer months :)

  58. says

    I keep going through periods of sneezing. Spring was bad, but the last 2 winters I was sneezing all the time so I think its dust related. I’ve been trying to save up for an air purifier but other things keep getting in the way.

  59. tanya campbell says

    An air filter would help me as I run a chinchilla rescue. Because I have lots of foster chinchillas in my house I have tons of dust in the air. They bathe in a fine dust so this would help with that a lot! As well as they eat hay it makes even more dust in the air. No one with allergies can come into my home or they would be in trouble!

  60. Rosey says

    It would benefit me and the family by improving the air quality in our basement where we have our family room.

  61. Karlene Shamir says

    this air filter would benefit me in filtering dust, I get really bad allergies that lead to asthma attacks.

  62. Tom Shewbridge says

    It would benefit to the point of helping eliminate normal everyday dander in the air, and just make it more enjoyable to breath. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  63. Peter G says

    Living in a warm climate all year round and with allergies this would be a blessing. Keeping windows open with everything under the sun blowing and settling on everything. Dusting and cleaning help, but this would be a really big helper.

  64. loni says

    I have 2 dogs and 2 cats who leave a lot behind..this would help me breathe cleaner air

    trippyjanet at gmail dot com

  65. Erin E says

    With a 10 month old and another baby due in a week or so we need to make sure that our air is clean, especially during brush fire season in the west. So this would be perfect. Thank you for the lovely giveaway!
    Erin E
    busymom369 at gmail dot com

  66. Shirley Hicks says

    It would benefit me and my family greatly…I have asthma and my son has air borne allergys and i live in an older home that always seems to be dusty…so im sure it would be a great help

  67. Deborah Hogue says

    I think the Hepa filter would help remove some 0f the allergens
    from our home, thereby eliminating some of the allergy attacks

  68. Tim Stephens says

    My daughter has allergies and I think this would help her sleep better and feel better in our house.

  69. Sheila Foley says

    We have some allergies and hoping this would help keep the air cleaner in our home.


  70. Alicia says

    I’m allergic to just about everything that grows. Every season is allergy season for me.

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  71. Deborah M says

    With two cats, two dogs and carpet, I don’t even want to think about how dirty the air is. I know this would improve our comfort and health!

  72. Sarah says

    With 3 cats, 1 dog and 1 smoker in the house, the air filter would really help clearing out fumes and dander.

  73. Nancy M. says

    Two of my allergies are dust and cats both of which are readily available in my home. This would help my breathing greatly.

  74. Kristi C says

    We all have allergies and one child has asthma, so this would be great in helping us breathe better.

  75. S Carter says

    I have seasonal allegies that this would be great for. It would also help with the pet dander in my house.

  76. Cee Love says

    It would benefit my husband more than I he has severe allergies as well as asthma and during the night he has the most difficulty breathing. This would go great in our bedroom.

  77. Laurie Emerson says

    We all have allergies and live in a part of the country where no matter how much I dust, dust returns in a day. This would help so much.

  78. Tiffany Durant says

    Myself and my children have allergies, and son has asthma in addition to that! we need help!

  79. Gary Emes says

    With 2 dogs, 3 birds and a cat , this house always needs it to keep my grandson from getting allergies when he visits

  80. paige jagan says

    it would benefit me because it would make my kids sleep better since they both have seasonal allergies

  81. Savannah Miller says

    My oldest son (who is 4) and I both have really bad sinus problems this would really help us

  82. Jacqui says

    We live in a big city right off a highway so an air purifier will help us keep dust and allergens at bay

  83. Mattie Cradduck says

    And air filter would benefit me because I have a young toddler with allergies. In fact, the whole family suffers from allergies, so this would help us all.

  84. Betty C says

    My long haired cats leave so much dander and loose fur. It would be great to remove some of that from my rooms.

  85. Candice Hull says

    My kids and I are all allergic to our neighbors grass and our rental house isn’t sealed well, so when he mows we are sick all day and my youngest has a bad dust allergy. Would love this. Thank you

  86. says

    The air purifier in your house is awesome because i can see the result of that purifier.Clean floor is better for everyone and after reading your blog defiantly i can solve my hardwood flooring.I will use such type of best air purifier for my own house.Thanks for all….

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